Jonesboro Bank Incident: Man Allegedly Enters Bank with Knife Seeking Advance

JONESBORO, Ark. – Jonesboro police responded to an incident on Friday where a man is alleged to have entered a bank with a knife while seeking an advance on his money.

Around 11 AM on October 27, officers were called to Centennial Bank, located at 2901 E. Highland Drive in Jonesboro, with officers initially responding to what was described as a robbery. According to the police report, a 58-year-old black male suspect entered the bank, requesting an advance on his money. At some point during the encounter, bank employees felt threatened enough to call police when the man produced a knife.

The suspect was not immediately apprehended, and it’s possible he left the bank before authorities arrived on the scene. Much of the report remains confidential as detectives continue to investigate the incident.

As of Monday morning, detectives were actively working on the case to gather more information.

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