Jonesboro Business Reports Theft of Two Freight Trailers

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. – A Jonesboro business experienced a significant theft when two freight trailers were apparently stolen recently, as detailed in a report filed this week.

The victim of this incident was Great Dane. The theft occurred between July 7 and October 19, when the discovery was made during a yard inventory. Upon realizing the theft, Great Dane contacted the customers who were meant to receive the trailers but found that the trailers were missing. Although the trailers were equipped with tracking devices, their last known location was at 2800 Great Dane Lane on July 7.

Authorities revisited Great Dane on a Wednesday to check for any updates regarding the tracking devices. However, no new locations had been registered, and the GPS system showed no power. It is suspected that the suspects dismantled the power supply to the trackers, according to Great Dane management.

Both trailers are described as white 2024 enclosed freight tractor trailers with an estimated value of $40,000.

Police have no leads in the case as of this publication. Anyone with any information which might help change that is encouraged to contact police.

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