Attempted Bank Fraud of Over $140,000 Reported in Jonesboro

JONESBORO — A woman is alleged to have attempted a fraudulent theft of over $140,000, according to a police report filed this week in Jonesboro.

Officers were dispatched to Signature Bank at 111 E. Jackson Avenue on Monday morning. The report suggests that a 69-year-old woman tried to deposit a significant check from an out-of-state company after creating a business account under the same name.

The check, as listed in the police document, was from Huel’s Oil company and addressed to the Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis, amounting to $140,592.32.

Details of the incident remain limited as parts of the report are concealed due to the ongoing investigation. However, it appears that the woman did not successfully acquire the funds.

While her identity remains confidential, authorities have identified a suspect. She is currently under investigation for potential felony charges, including forgery and financial identity fraud.

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  1. I’m all for a harsh sentence. 20 years working at hard labor for 5 days a week. Not watching tv in an A/C room. Picking up trash along the highway and garbage on the back of garbage trucks.

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