Customer’s SUV Stripped and Left on Cinder Blocks at Car Dealership

Source: Kenesha Clark, via Facebook

JONESBORO, Ark. – A disturbing incident occurred at Fletcher Dodge on S. Stadium Boulevard in Jonesboro over the weekend, when a customer’s vehicle left for maintenance was stripped and left on cinder blocks.

The incident was discovered by management around 8 AM on July 31, after the vehicle, a white 2019 Dodge Durango, had been left at the dealership for service since approximately 8 AM on July 29. Upon their arrival on Monday, they found the vehicle stripped of numerous components and left undriveable.

The unknown culprits took away a multitude of items including the rear hatch door, both brake lights, the radio system, all four tires and wheels, and the vehicle’s license plate. In addition to the stolen items, the car’s running board and fenders suffered extensive damage from being propped up on cinder blocks and an air tank.

A white Dodge Durango sits on an air tank and cinderblocks with stolen tires and wheels, brake lights, and back hatch at Fletcher Dodge in Jonesboro after being dropped off for maintenance.
Source: Kenesha Clark, via Facebook

Much of the report is masked under investigative status while JPD investigates. However, more information was revealed in a widely shared social media post from a friend of the victim on Tuesday.

“Okay! So over the weekend.. My friend dropped his truck off to Fletcher Dodge Of Jonesboro for some maintenance. This truck was there all weekend and somebody stole everything off the truck… This company didn’t try to help one bit they told the owner to call his insurance and let them help you.. The company wouldn’t provide him with a courtesy car. They ask him to file the accident that happen on their property on his insurance… We have no footage of what took place because they say cameras are not in that area…#share”

NEA Report has reached out to Fletcher Dodge for comment and will update this story here if a statement is provided.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact the JPD.

UPDATE: A police chase led authorities to recover some of the stolen parts from this case later on in the week. Read more about that here. 

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