Stolen Vehicle Parts Found After Chase; Suspect Remains at Large

JONESBORO, Ark. – Authorities located some of the parts stolen off of a vehicle in a car dealership parking lot from a notable case earlier this week in Jonesboro.

The developments came when police officers were on patrol at around 11:11 AM on August 1 near Southwest Drive and Kellers Chapel Road. They encountered a white male suspect, thought to be in his 20s or 30s, who fled from authorities in a stolen vehicle. At a certain point, the suspect abandoned the vehicle and attempted to escape on foot. However, based on visible portions of the report, the officers lost track of him, and he remains at large.

The suspect’s abandoned vehicle was towed to The Body Shop tow yard, where it was later seized by the Jonesboro Police Department (JPD). A detailed examination of the vehicle, a white 2012 Dodge Durango, revealed stolen parts that corresponded to those taken from another vehicle. Notably, officers identified multiple fingerprints on the vehicle’s rear hatch, believed to be left there during a recent installation.

The rear hatch door was one of several parts reported stolen over the weekend from an SUV parked at Fletcher Dodge in Jonesboro.

Source: Kenesha Clark, via Facebook

The fingerprints were collected and will be sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for further investigation, the report says.

Although the suspect managed to escape, when apprehended, he will face several charges including felony fleeing, theft by receiving greater than $5,000, reckless driving, and further theft by receiving.

The investigation is ongoing. If you know of any information which might help police, you can submit a tip online here. 

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