Residential Burglary in Jonesboro Results in Significant Theft

JONESBORO, Ark. – A residential burglary was reported this week at the 1300-block of Flint Street.

The incident occurred between May 15 and June 12, while the occupant, a truck driver, was away.  The victim wasn’t able to file the report until June 21, after she returned home.

The perpetrators gained access by forcefully entering through the side door of the residence. Once inside, they committed a large-scale felony theft, stealing valuable items. The stolen possessions include an XBox One, PS5, iPhone 11, two big-screen TVs, a Glock firearm, a Walther P22 firearm, an HP laptop, and multiple game controllers. Additionally, 70 pairs of retro Jordan shoes, valued at $10,500, were reported as stolen.

Detectives have listed the case as inactive pending further leads and evidence, as additional suspect information is needed to progress the investigation, according to the report.

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