Angry man with machete arrested and released after incident with workers

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. – While Jonesboro continues to expand its internet access options with fiber optic connectivity, not everyone seems to be happy about the news.

An incident around 5:50 PM on May 9 at the 400-block of Parkview Street resulted in an employee being shaken and a suspect being arrested – but later released the following day with no charges.

The employee of a fiber optic company was going door to door to notify residents that cables that had been run the months prior were active. As he made his way down the neighborhood, he arrived at 405 Parkview Street. He knocked at the door and said the door was thrown open by an aggressive man holding a machete in his hand. The report said the suspect made threats to harm the man if he didn’t leave his property. The employee notified his supervisor who decided to drive to the residence to get the address and make a report. When driving by, he said he saw the suspect in the doorway of the house holding a machete. When the suspect saw the two fiber employees driving by, the report says the suspect bulled his shorts down and revealed his genitalia to them.

Officers went to speak to the suspect. The report said he denied coming to the door with a machete, telling officers he didn’t need anything in his hands to kill someone because he could do it with his bare hands. Police could see the machete inside a storm door. A neighbor also told police he was known for answering the door with a machete as a way to possibly intimidate visitors.

Hancel Michael, 77, of Jonesboro, was arrested for aggravated assault. While en route to the detention center, the report said he made thinly veiled threats to the arresting officer and also mentioned cutting off the head of the fiber employee.

The next day, detectives received the case and decided that it did not rise to the level of aggravated assault. A letter was sent to the jail for the release of the arrestee and the decision was made not to file charges in the case. The case was closed as unfounded.

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