Man faces felony for allegedly spitting in officer’s face

JONESBORO, Ark. – An man who would have faced a mere misdemeanor for public intoxication will now face a felony charge after police say he spit in the eye of an arresting officer.

It began around 5:43 PM on April 16 near the 1900-block of Red Wolf Boulevard. Police responded to an unwanted person call and met with a white male matching the description. The police report said he didn’t appear to have any regard for the high volume of traffic on Red Wolf as he simply walked across the roadway with numerous vehicles stopping.

When officers made contact, they immediately knew the man was drunk. Throughout the encounter, he rambled aimlessly, the report said, stating he would not be going to jail today among other things. Other officers arrived and eventually, went to arrest the man. However, officers said he began to resist. As the struggle escalated, the report says he spit into the face and specifically the eye a police sergeant. Police wrestled the man to the ground and struck the man with a closed fist before they were finally able to arrest him, the report says.

Nathan R. Boling, 36, of Paragould, was arrested. He was interviewed at the jail on Monday and reportedly told the investigator he didn’t remember anything about what happened. When the events were described to him, the report says he stated he must have had an adventurous day but he didn’t recollect anything.

In addition to misdemeanors for public intoxication and resisting arrest, he faces a felony for aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer.

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