Woman scammed out of $5,000 through CashApp

JONESBORO, Ark. – A woman reported being the victim of an online scam this week in Jonesboro to the tune of $5,000. But it was almost even more.

JPD took the report at 11:06 AM on March 27. The victim, 46, told police she had received a job offer from the “Square Group” after submitting her resume online through Indeed. She received a check in the mail from the supposed “Square Group” for $5,000 and deposited it into her personal account. Then, per instructions, she sent $5,000 through CashApp to two different recipients.

After the transaction was complete, she learned the original check for $5,000 had bounced. Since then, she has been unable to contact anyone regarding either the job or the bad check. The two recipient accounts were “Lorinda Sumlin” and “Courtney Allison.”

On the same morning JPD took the report, an unauthorized withdraw from the account was blocked by the bank. Someone attempted to withdraw $19,321.65.

The case has been listed as inactive pending further evidence and suspect information.

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  1. How many times are these people going to fall for these scams. Lets just cut to the chase. Stupid people fall for stupid shit.

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