Suspect shot his brother after argument, police report says

Jonesboro, Ark. – Some type of dispute between family members ended with one person being shot on Saturday (December 17) in Jonesboro.

It happened around 2:45 PM at the 1600-block of Dupwe Drive. Police were dispatched to a shooting. Dequan Smith, 28, suffered the gunshot wound. Officer Garrett Haney observed the bloody wound and applied a tourniquet before the victim was rushed to the hospital. Officers observed what appeared to be an entry wound in the left elbow area with the bullet exiting the inside of the arm, then going inside the skin of his chest and back out.

Detectives met with the victim, who didn’t want to press charges because the suspect was his blood, the report said. But he detailed what happened to police, saying they got into a dispute and the suspect just shot him.

Police spoke to witnesses who offered more information. They said the two brothers work together at Five Guys burgers and got into an argument at work. They live together and when they got home, the argument continued. Cooler heads did not prevail in this instance and the suspect shot his own brother. One witness said the suspect left, came back and apologized, and then left again.

Police prepared a bench warrant for the First Degree Battery arrest of the suspect, which was signed by Judge Tommy Fowler. The suspect’s name is masked in the report but he is identified as a black male, 21, about 5’4″ tall.

This story will be updated with any additional suspect information provided by police.

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