Jonesboro business reports $32,000 forgery

Jonesboro, Ark. – Several Jonesboro businesses fell victim to thieves recently, reports released on Monday by the police department showed.

One of the larger theft reports was made on December 17, when police responded to Elite Eyecare and Optical, 2100-E. Highland Drive. The report, which still contains mostly masked information, says that a suspect made and cashed a forged check on the victim’s account, with the victim, in this case, being the business itself.  The report says $32,000 was stolen from the business, a felonious amount.

A separate report filed on December 16 detailed another forgery targeting a business in Jonesboro, although much less was stolen in this instance. Air-Title, 3108 Parker Annex Road, reported a suspect committed a forgery on December 2 in the amount of $2,115.02. The unknown suspect apparently forged a company check and cashed it.

Businesses aren’t the only ones being scammed, though.

Multiple reports made with JPD show that individuals are finding themselves falling victim to scams or even extortion schemes. In one instance, a 45-year-old woman sent almost $600 in payments through CashApp. In a separate incident, another woman, also 45, was duped out of over $1,100 through CashApp.

In another incident, a 67-year-old woman was the victim of a theft after a suspect falsely sold her an animal online. The report, which says the suspect’s name is “Baddie Karen,” indicates a woman lost $300 in the apparent scam. The suspect has a Jonesboro address, the report says.

A 78-year-old man found himself being extorted for Bitcoin, a report on December 16 said. The victim said the suspect told him to send funds through Bitcoin or he would post inappropriate photos of the victim online. Sexual extortion is a Class B felony with a possible prison sentence of 5-20 years.


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