City, Ritter Communications partner in city-wide broadband expansion

Jonesboro Mayor Harold Copenhaver announced today a historic agreement with Ritter Communications CEO Alan Morse that will create a long-overdue option for internet and television service to residents and businesses all over the city.

In response to a request issued by the City seeking a partner to assist with an estimated $60 million project, Ritter stepped in to offer $45 million in infrastructure and two additional customer service centers to create a competitive option for service in all parts of the city.

The entire project could be completed within three years and aims to provide households and businesses in Jonesboro an opportunity for broadband speeds up to 1 gigabit.

“When I became mayor last year, I began researching what we could do to make sure Jonesboro residents had choices for service. I believe competition will result in a better product and better customer service for Jonesboro residents,” Copenhaver said.

“Internet and TV service are probably the most common complaint we receive. The idea that Ritter is willing to bring this magnitude of an offer to make Jonesboro a true Gig City is exciting to see. I cannot thank Alan Morse and the entire Ritter family enough for their commitment.”

Ritter will work with the City to seek an additional $10 million to $15 million from state and federal outlets to ensure the expansion is citywide. “I look forward to bringing that proposal to City Council when those funding streams are opened,” Copenhaver said.

Morse said Ritter has the right product and desire to serve residents in Jonesboro, its corporate headquarters. He said this opportunity comes at the perfect time.

“As the home to our corporate offices and the majority of our employees, we have a long-standing investment in this community – financially, culturally, professionally and personally,” Morse said. “Ritter Communications is ready, with our unique RightFiber internet product and our unwavering Right by You pledge, to make game-changing gig-speed internet accessible across Jonesboro – and to position Jonesboro as the most connected city in the NEA region.”

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