Couple returns from vacation to find stranger sleeping in their home

When a couple returned home from vacation over the weekend in Craighead County, they didn’t expect to find a stranger sleeping in their residence.

Craighead County Sheriff’s Department released the report, indicating that deputies responded Sunday to the area of Craighead 745 and Craighead 746 at Brookland. A husband and wife returned home from their vacation around midnight. Around 8 AM that morning, he checked the geothermal room at the back of the residence. He opened the door and found a man laying on the floor. The man woke up and thought he was in Sikeston, Missouri. He promptly left the property.

Sheriff’s deputies and Brookland PD responded. A Brookland officer noticed the suspect on CR 745 and tried to make contact. The officer commanded him to stop but the report says the suspect fled into the woods.

Following a short search, the male was located and detained. Deputies noted he appeared to be disoriented and couldn’t explain how he ended up where he was. He calmed down after some time, the report said, but never offered an explanation as to why he was in the family’s home.

Clayton Michael Williams, 18, of Paragould, was arrested on charges of criminal trespass and fleeing.

Source: CCDC

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