Video shows Madison police chief fought with JPD

JONESBORO, Ark. – The Madison Chief of Police physically fought with Jonesboro officers on a call Monday and then stated falsehoods about the incident on the NEA Report Facebook page, following our report on Tuesday.

The incident, captured on dash camera video released to NEA Report, shows family members not listening to police requests to move away from the front door and finally, worsening the tense situation into a near brawl. 

At 5:28 a.m. Monday morning, officers in Jonesboro were dispatched to Rees Road to an apartment where a female subject (we are redacting her name) was believed to have made suicidal statements. The woman was said to be threatening to hurt herself and had a firearm in the residence, later found by police.

As police failed to get her to respond to their efforts to make contact, family members made their way to the door police were standing in. One woman seemed to insist she be allowed to remain in the middle of a police stand-off because, “that’s my baby,” she said.

The family member who tried barging in was Jonathan Parks, the Chief of Police in Madison, Arkansas – a small town in St. Francis County. It took several officers to physically stop him from entering the home as he called them names like “bitch,” the video captured, and “pussies,” an officer said in the incident report.

“Get your fucking hands off of me,” Parks shouted as police tried stopping him from getting into the home. He had already shoved one officer back several feet.

Police were able to restrain the Madison police chief and prevent him from entering the home before calming him down. Eventually, several minutes later, Parks began apologizing to Jonesboro officers for his behavior. As he returned to reason, he made contact with his sister through text message. The situation was resolved without further incident.

A silver revolver was found sitting on her bed, where she had been, the report said.

After NEA Report published our initial article about the incident, which described what police wrote in their narratives, Parks began replying to the story claiming it was inaccurate.

An untruth. Parks was already at the door, then, physically engaged a number of officers while screaming at them and finally, calming down, the video shows.
Video proves events transpired exactly as was detailed in our first report – a story based on the narratives of multiple JPD officers.

Parks stated in multiple replies to individuals that he “never” fought with the police. Video literally shows him in a physical altercation with police, beginning with a strong shove of a Jonesboro officer.

In one comment, he seems to admit to “maybe” pushing police a few times.


In reality, JPD was attempting to stop him from entering the home as he pushed them and, according to an officer’s report, pulled his fist back to throw a punch before being physically held by others.

Parks, with several relatives, made a number of comments attacking the credibility of the story. NEA Report then reached out to him and requested an interview.

Although he initially said he would “absolutely” do an interview, after a reporter sent him several questions, he never replied to the message. The message showed as read, but Parks didn’t reply. He finally explained why he would not grant an interview, after saying he would initially.

“I’m not going to help you guys stir up mess, thanks anyway,” Parks posted.

Several officers reported minor injuries from the incident and one reserve officer’s uniform was torn during the scuffle. No arrests were made.

By Stan Morris | NEA Report

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