Mayor: Jonesboro adds air service to Nashville

Six weekly round-trip flights to Nashville International Airport will be added to Jonesboro’s Air Choice One service beginning next March, Mayor Harold Copenhaver announced Tuesday.

The service will complement 12 weekly round trips to St.Louis for the next four years, thanks in part to a federal Department of Transportation subsidy of $9.2 million in Essential Air Service funding for the contract that runs through February 2026.

“We’ve been eager to get things going at our airport since the storm destroyed so much in 2020,” Copenhaver said. “And I think this is a wonderful step to realizing its full potential.”

Air Choice One currently connects Jonesboro with St. Louis Lambert International Airport, and Copenhaver has been working to find a complementary service to other destinations. The Jonesboro Airport Commission requested the addition of Nashville as a destination for Air Choice One flights.

“Air Choice One has been a pleasant asset for our airport and community,” Airport Manager George Jackson said. “We look forward to continuing our partnership, and it’s long-term future depends on use, so I hope these flights are filled.”

Copenhaver said the flights are “not only a very affordable option to hub airports but quick trips to two cities that are common weekend or overnight getaways. I think adding Nashville will be beneficial for families and businesses in Jonesboro alike.

“I am grateful to Mr. Jackson and our Airport Commission, and the Aviation division of the U.S. Transportation department for this decision.”

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