Suspect arrested for deadly weekend shooting in Jonesboro

One person was fatally shot around midnight late Monday/early Tuesday in Jonesboro, a release said.

Jonesboro police were investigating the shooting that occurred at the corner of Glenn PL and Caraway RD, the release posted to Facebook early Tuesday said.

Officers responded around midnight, after dispatch received a call that a man had been shot. The victim was declared deceased on the scene. His identity was released later in the week: Osceola native Roderick Hale Jr.

Osceola Police Chief Ollie Collins told Region 8 News Hale was charged with murder last August in Demetrius Crawley’s killing. He was awaiting trial in that case.

Jonesboro Police Officers, along with the United States Marshals Service East Arkansas Fugitive Task Force and the Arkansas State Police, arrested the suspect in Sunday night’s shooting.

Laroy Starks, of Jonesboro, was taken into custody around 7 p.m. Tuesday evening, at mile marker 57 on Interstate 55. He was transported back to Jonesboro and booked into the Craighead County Detention Center.


  1. The guy he shot was out on a 1/2 MILLION dollar bond for murder and carrying a gun, this guy is on parole and carrying a gun , WTF is going on ????

    • No one who’s already had blood on their hands is going to care about carrying a gun and being out on bond, parole, however, their are a small minority that truly have unwilling accidents or get caught up and aren’t in that life usually. That’s rare,but it does happen. He knew he needed to carry a gun. He knew his days were numbered and they were going to try to seek revenge. Unfortunately that’s what’s going on and on and on!! I recently moved 15min from Dayton FL and 45min from Orlando. I’m a life long Jonesboro resident until about 1yr ago. I’m a religious news and current events watcher. I keep up here and there,and I swear there are more guns on the streets and shootings back home in Jonesboro. I see the solution to that is to spend the tax payers dollars on a huge gun range and shooting facility. Not that it’s going to increase any more violence but it’s definitely tied together in the scheme of things. It’s not going to make anyone else do anything violent that would not already have those thoughts anyway. I do however believe that money could go towards something to help the issue of guns and shoots rather than build a gun range. If you are in law enforcement and I’m definitely not, The exact opposite, so I see craighead county in another conspiracy!! We will seem like the great law keepers and safety providers to everyone but we are actually helping you out with your targets and your aim!! Like we always have!

  2. My son LaRoy Starks is a good guy he was only protecting his self and he is definitely not a murderer!!!!

    • Your son was protecting himself? Your son was taking up for a dead man that doesn’t even know what his homeboy has done. He’s risked his freedom, time from his family, and you have to waste money to take care of him now. It’s sad all the way around Ms/Mrs. Kelley. No one wins in this situation.

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