Burglary involves major theft, including of $25,000 Rolex; Other reports from the New Year’s weekend in Jonesboro

These are police reports released on Monday and Tuesday, January 4 and 5, by the Jonesboro Police Department. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in court. 

The first police report filed in 2021 detailed a vehicle theft at the 1500-block of Daybreak Drive. A victim came home to find his vehicle missing. It was a white 2016 Ford F-250.

A man closing a restaurant downtown claimed his vehicle was stolen and wrecked around 2 AM on 1/1. Officers seemed to suspect that the man, who smelled like intoxicants, had possibly wrecked the vehicle himself. However, they noted they couldn’t prove that. No suspect was found.

A report around 3:45 AM at the 1600-block of Dupwe indicates a felony battery took place resulting in a victim sustaining a broken arm during a burglary. No arrests were noted.

Numerous drunk or intoxicated driving reports were completed.

A call about a residential burglary in progress led to the arrest of a man for criminal trespass, numerous other charges, and probation violation. Around 1 AM on 1/2 at the 700-block of Laura Lea, Kortez Dayvonne Howard, 26, of Jonesboro, was arrested.

A traffic stop around 4 AM near Caraway and Nettleton led to a parole search of a hotel room and eventually, three arrests for crystal meth. Brittany Burns, 35, of Little Rock; Michael Scott Ingram, 40, of Little Rock; And Donald Glen Ingram, 62, of Jonesboro, face charges for possession.

A residential burglary happened between midnight and 1 PM on 1/2 at the 1300-block of Flint St. A television was stolen during this.

A 25-year-old male was arrested around 2 PM in Jonesboro for allegedly walking around a store and exposing his genitals to other shoppers in the store, some of which were children. The store and the suspect name as well as other specific information was masked.

A residential burglary happened between 7:30 AM and 6:30 PM around the 300-block of Short Fisher Street in Jonesboro where a suspect or suspects kicked in a back door and stole a felony amount of property – over $25,000. Among the items stolen were a diamond encrusted Rolex valued at $25,000 and a production laptop valued at $15,000.

A residential burglary was reported between 8 AM and 6 PM at the 1100-block of Links Circle, with a theft taking place as well.

A report just before 7 AM on Monday, 1/4, indicated a child, 2, had managed to unlock a door and sneak out of the home while his parents were asleep. No charges were filed against the parents, who were urged to child proof their door. The child was okay.

Two catalytic converters were stolen off of vehicles at the 5500-block of E. Nettleton between 12/30 and 1/04.

A residential burglary was reported around 8:30 AM on 1/04 to police but the location was masked.

A commercial burglary was reported at The Lords Church, 914 E Washington Avenue, around 8:30 AM on 1/04. A suspect broke in through a window and stole items.

Another catalytic converter theft was reported around 9 AM at the 4800-block of E. Parker Road.

A suspect was arrested for first degree forgery after being found with counterfeit coins, along with drug paraphernalia. Before 10 AM at the 2200-block of Race Street, James Matthew Larkins, 44, was arrested

A vehicle theft was reported between 12/16 and 1/4 from the 3400-block of S. Stadium Blvd. It was a gray 2019 Ford Fusion.

Five catalytic converters were stolen from different vehicles between December and January at the 2000-block of W. Washington Avenue.

A residential burglary was reported between 12/23 and 12/29 at the 3300-block of Caraway Commons.

Two suspects were arrested for shoplifting, felony possession, and on warrants at Walmart on Highland Drive around 8 PM Monday. Candace Harden, 31, and Keith Glenn, 33, both of Jonesboro, were arrested.

A traffic stop around midnight at the intersection of Meadowbrook and Washington resulted in two arrests. Torrence Faizon Townsend, 24, of Cherry Valley, was arrested for possession with intent to deliver, carrying a weapon, and no license. His passenger, Chelsea Mitchell, 22, also of Cherry Valley, was arrested on a failure to appear warrant.

An apartment was burglarized between Monday afternoon and early Tuesday morning at the 2000-block of Belt Street. An unknown suspect entered the apartment and stole a TV.

A report alleging aggravated assault was filed around 5:30 AM Tuesday, 1/05, at a unit at the 1800-block of Greensboro Road. A male friend was sleeping with a female, woke her up by hitting her, and pointed a knife at her. No arrests were noted.


  1. Seriously, a Rolex owned by an individual on Fisher!? Only in Jungleboro, where the Humanimals continue to devolve rapidly….

    • It doesn’t matter where you live. Listen to “Jesus rides the subway” by Trevor Morgan please Then maybe you will understand a little more . Millionaires believe it or not choose to be homeless or live in the ” hood” because living in nice neighborhoods they would have to deal with people like you. So before you bash a specific area you need to at least know who n what the situation is. What’s wrong you live in million dollar home and can’t afford a Rolex? Well maybe this person has money and just chose to stay in his home territory close to his/ her mom grandma or kids. Staying humble and we’ll I r n my prayers

  2. Seriously why not!!!!! Just because you lived on a certain street doesn’t make you broke dumb ass!!!!

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