Man arrested on firearm, drug charges after fleeing traffic stop; More reports released Tuesday by JPD

A report released this week detailed a robbery from 11/6 at the 1600-block of Self Circle in Jonesboro. An 18 year old man said he was on the phone outside of the unit when he was punched in the face and his phone stolen.

Another report released on Tuesday detailed a home break-in from 11/8 at the 2500-block of Fairfield Drive.

A suspect damaged a gas line between 11/11 and 11/12 at the 5800-block of Krueger Drive. Several hundred dollars in damage were caused so the suspect could steal five gallons of gas.

A four-wheeler was stolen out of the front yard of a residence between Sunday night and Monday morning at the 2100-block of Bridger Road. It was a hunter green 2011 Honda ATV.

A firearm was stolen during a birthday party on 11/14 at the 1300-block of West Huntington Avenue. It was a Smith and Wesson 9MM.

Several reports of vehicles being egged were made Monday in Jonesboro, including one on Greenmeadow Lane.

A residential burglary was reported after 7 PM Monday at the 1100-block of Warner Avenue, where an arrestee forced his way into a residence and attacked victims.

A man was arrested after a report said he had a firearm, drugs, and fled from police early Tuesday in Jonesboro. Between 1:30 AM and 2 AM at the 500-block of Melrose, a traffic stop on a silver 2007 Kia Optima occurred – for a headlight that was out. Robert Lance Walker, 36, of Jonesboro, was arrested on felony charges including tampering with evidence, possession of drugs and firearms, and possession of meth. He also faces misdemeanors for fleeing, resisting arrest, contempt of court, no license, and other violations.

Vehicle Break-Ins

  • A vehicle break-in happened the morning of 11/12 at the 4600-block of Lochmoor Circle
  • A vehicle break-in was reported Monday morning just before 10 AM (location unclear) when a suspect broke into a vehicle on both doors and stole items


  1. Endtimes apocalyptic bad in Jtown and just getting worse with y’all letting the “nonpartisan” lying cheating liberal lunatic demoncrats steal one office after another. We’re all going to suffer for that and so are your kids and grandkids.

  2. Jonesboro,is definitely by my observation,a mini- Babylon by some definition of the word! In 2012, three days before my dad passed away, he said this to me.
    Son, in the future, you will see things you’ve never seen before in this world!He had no idea at the time exactly what I would see obviously, but very correct. I’ve been living in exile on Prison Planet Pagan for sixty years now.
    Sixteen years ago, God delivered me from spiritual blindness and gave me orders to follow. Now that I’ve been Activated, I will stay on mission, until the very end! Now would be a really good time to reconsider your options and think about accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior! He’s the Only way to survive this place, one day at a time, moment by moment….

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