Bird reported stolen; Police respond to dumpster fire; Other reports released Thursday and Friday

Reports released Thursday

A man is accused of holding a victim against her will in their apartment, slapping, punching, choking, and threatening to kill her. David K. Medina, 35, of Jonesboro faces felony charges including kidnapping, terroristic threatening, and aggravated assault, in addition to misdemeanors for battery, interference with emergency communication, brass knuckles, resisting arrest, and an out of town warrant.

A vehicle break-in was reported Wednesday afternoon at 1:43 PM at the Links Apartments.

A $6,500 air compressor/generator/welder was reported stolen from a local business near the 3000-block of Fox Road sometime between 9/21 and 9/24.

A residential burglary was reported around 7 PM Wednesday at the 700-block of Meadowbrook. A TV and laptop were stolen.

Pretty Bird

Someone stole a grey and yellow cockatoo off of a porch at the 700-block of Vine Street. It happened sometime around 1:35 AM Thursday, the report said.

Reports released Friday

A report indicates that a local business was the victim of a suspect entering a fenced-in area, using construction equipment, and illegally stealing copper wire on 9/14 at the 3700-block of Moore Road in Jonesboro.

An apartment was burglarized sometime Thursday morning between 1 AM and 9 AM at the 2000-block of West Nettleton.

An anonymous caller phoned in an unspecified threat to a local school. Police are attempting to trace the call with the help of the phone provider.

Police responded to shots fired around noon at the intersection of Brazos Street and Dayton Avenue. One person reportedly suffered minor injuries. No arrests were noted in the report released.

A vehicle break-in happened at the 700-block of East Parker Road with a purse being stolen sometime Wednesday morning, according to the report filed Thursday afternoon.

A suspect is alleged to have pointed a gun at a victim and damaged his vehicle sometime after 2 PM at the 1600-block of Briarwood Drive. Blashunda Scott, 21, of Jonesboro, was arrested.

A woman faces felony charges including aggravated assault and first degree endangering the welfare of a minor on allegations she attempted to hit a victim with a vehicle. Aliyah T. Patton, 23, of Jonesboro, was arrested in the incident alleged to have happened at 4:28 PM near the intersection of Vine and Cherry.

Police responded at 4:20 AM Friday to the 900-block of Southwest Drive to a literal dumpster fire. Arson is suspected.

  • A vehicle break-in happened sometime Friday morning at the 1700-block of Westwood Drive.
  • A second was reported at the 1800-block of Westwood Drive
  • A vehicle break-in involved a gun being stolen sometime around 8 PM at the 200-block of Vine Street, a report said.
  • Another was reported at the 900-block of Locust.
  • A vehicle was illegally entered at the 1300-block of Turner Street sometime Friday morning as well.


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  1. I reported a domestic dispute Thursday morning. It was a possible hostage situation as well! The local police arrived after the female escaped and left the premises. They showed Absolutely no concerns and filled No report… Whenever the office manager contacted them, nobody had any details about the incident. I gave detailed information about what I saw to one of the officer’s. It’s because of where I live that they don’t care. I care about my neighbors, why don’t the one’s who are sworn to “serve and protect” care?!

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