Gun-wielding man arrested after scaring protesters in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. – A man who got out of his vehicle while appearing to carry a rifle during protests Sunday in Jonesboro has been arrested.

Late Sunday, JPD announced that an arrest has been made in what they say is an aggravated assault that took place during the afternoon protest on Caraway Road. Witnesses reported that around 4:15 p.m., a man had exited his vehicle and presented a gun in a threatening manner towards the crowd.

During a video obtained by NEA Report, the crowd can be heard screaming and running as the man exits his vehicle carrying a firearm. Several citizen journalists said it was an AR-style rifle.

Several individuals filed reports with the department and the investigation began in this incident.

A second video appears to show more of the incident. The man, who has not been identified by police, appears to be driving fast through the protests and honking his horn. As he passes by one of the marchers, they kick his vehicle. He immediately brakes, gets out with what appears to be a rifle, and the crowd begins to flee in panic. 

32-year-old John Bosze was identified as the arrested suspect Monday afternoon. A Bench Warrant was issued where Probable Cause was found to charge Bosze for Aggravated Assault.



  1. But did the black dude who kicked the white males car door in get arrested r anything it’s kinda funny that he didn’t but if it was any other day the dude who kicked the car would be arrested to but today since dude was black an a part of the protest he didn’t I believe the both should have been arrested on both charges of assault u can’t just kick some one car their paying on or have payed 1.000$ of dollars on but it was right for dude to pull the gun either they both should have been arrested not just one of them that’s unjustified

  2. If you weren’t there, please stfu if you have a negative comment. You don’t know what happened. Easy to talk if you personally didn’t see what went down.

  3. I don’t care what was going on or how mad they were it doesn’t give you a right to damage someone else’s property.He has every right to protect himself and his property.How can the city say this was a peaceful protest they were putting a lot of people/motorist in danger walking in the middle of the street where it was not blocked off, yelling profanities at other driver, and throwing stuff off the overpass.The JPD was just standing around like they didn’t know what to do.

  4. In the police report it says that John Bosze was yelling racial slurs at the protesters how could they tell or hear because his window was up and tinted dark. Why wasn’t the black guy arrested and charged with anything, if he wouldn’t have charged at the guys suv and damaged it this would’ve never happened, maybe he had his family with him and he was trying to protect them from this guy, anyone who try’s to attack a moving vehicle isn’t right in the head.Why didn’t the city/police have that part of the road blocked off and blockades at all the smaller streets that joined that part of Caraway Rd? What about the couple that had their car windows busted and damaged.This was far from peaceful that the city wants you to believe.

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