Jonesboro remains under nighttime curfew until further notice; cracks down on unlicensed contractors

Jonesboro Police Chief Rick Elliott told NEA Report on Wednesday the nighttime curfew would remain in effect until further notice. With so many businesses already destroyed, the focus is to keep people from being in business areas of town who have no legitimate reason to be. However, for those who are going to work or out on urgent business, such as a medical reason, Elliott reiterated that they were exempt from the curfew. If stopped by an officer, the individual needs only explain that to law enforcement.

Elliott said CWL, Suddenlink, and AT&T were all working Wednesday on restoring service to affected areas. He said main streets in Jonesboro were open. Race Street between Caraway and Red Wolf Boulevard remains closed, after extensive damage ripped apart several businesses there (see video below). The red light at Caraway and Race is in the process of being rebuilt. Those needing to access the post office can still do so by coming off of Red Wolf Boulevard at Fair Park Boulevard. They just won’t be able to exit on Race.

Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin announced Tuesday the extension of the nighttime curfew that has been in place since Saturday’s EF-3 tornado struck a long path through the city. Until further notice, only motorists going to and from work will be allowed on city streets during this period.

“Our police force is taxed enough under the current circumstances,” Perrin said. “This will allow law-abiding citizens to be at home and ensure no looting or vandalism is occurring while we clean up our city.”

Perrin also said some teams of unlicensed and unscrupulous home repair worker have been escorted out of town by Jonesboro Police, and warned residents to be careful about who they do business with in response to Saturday’s tornado.

Only Arkansas-licensed contractors should be used for home cleanup and repair, Perrin said, because unlicensed workers can do shoddy work and often are scam artists looking for ways to rob Jonesboro residents.

“We are dealing with two crises at once,” Perrin said. “Our citizens are tired, they’re hurting, and the last thing they need is to deal with a scam artist while they try to recover from this storm.”

“I encourage you to do business with local contractors.” – Mayor Harold Perrin

Anyone needing assistance in finding a reputable contractor should contact the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce at 870-932-6691 or

Residents hiring a contractor should be sure to obtain a copy of the worker’s general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance.

Craighead County Judge Marvin Day announced the County is no longer accepting clothes at its Donation Center, 5510 Southwest Drive. A need still exists for hygiene and household cleaning products, and new underwear. The Donation Center will close 4 p.m. Thursday.

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