Dropped-off dog euthanized from extensive injuries

Police still seeking identity of male

JONESBORO, Ark. – The Jonesboro Police Department wants to charge a man with Cruelty to Animals after he dropped off a dog at the humane society in the middle of a freezing-cold night.

The dog, suffering from gruesome injuries and ailments that appeared to have been neglected for some time, also suffered a 26-degree wind chill that night. The animal was euthanized Tuesday, according to the JPD incident report.

She was a two-year-old female American pit bull terrier. Authorities don’t know her name but the amount of pain the poor animal suffered is unimaginable. Animal Control Officer David Cooley said he could easily tell the dog was in pain. She was barely moving when he arrived at the NEA Humane Society Tuesday.

“She flinched every time I touched her. Both of her eyes showed signs of infection,” Cooley reported. “They had discharge coming from them and there was dried fluid around each eye. I also observed a very large prolapsed vaginal wall. The prolapse is about the size of a softball.”

With no food, water, and especially shelter, the dog was left in inhumane conditions all night, the animal control officer reported. It was 46 degrees when the dog was dropped off but it dropped to 33 degrees by 6 AM and the wind chill was even lower.

Dropped off Dog
The female pit watches as the man walks away and leaves her chained to the fence. Wind chills dropped below freezing that night.

Later Tuesday afternoon, the animal control officer went to check on the dog at the vet’s office.

“He state upon physical exam the dog was lethargic/depressed and appeared dehydrated,” Cooley reported. “The dog had a prolapsed vaginal wall with enough bulk to obstruct the urethra. The bladder was distended. The vet stated it appeared the prolapsed vaginal wall had been present for 2-3 weeks and has been compromising kidney function for some time. The vet elected to euthanize the dog to end suffering.”

While the Jonesboro Police Department released information about the dog being left out in the cold all night, they had not previously detailed the severe medical injuries that the dog was brought to the humane society with. One source at the department said this was a major reason why they took interest in the case. The animal had suffered for some time before the final, cold act of being dropped off and tied to a fence.


The suspect truck appears to be a dark in color, possibly black or dark blue, Ford F-150 4 door truck with sunroof. There is a disabled parking placard hanging from the rear view mirror. The truck also has a once piece solid bed cover and a chrome bug shield.

As of 10:30 AM Thursday morning, JPD had still not yet identified the man in the video. CrimeStoppers has agreed to provide a reward for whoever helps identify the man. 72401. The driver appears to be a light skinned male with a short grey or white beard. He is wearing light colored clothing and a hat.

Male suspect seen walking away from tied up dog
Male suspect seen getting into his vehicle

If you have any information that could assist police, contact JPD at 870-935-5657 and speak to a desk sergeant. Message them online if you prefer.

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