$5 million bond set on suspect who fired at officers

One officer was struck in the head after suspect fired shotgun, affidavit says

CARAWAY, Ark. – Eugene Collins is accused of attempting to murder law enforcement officers after shooting up a house Monday near Caraway.

On Monday, he was arrested after a tense situation outside of Caraway. First, he allegedly fired several rounds at a home, still occupied by six people. From that, Collins is accused of retrieving a 12-gauge shotgun and firing at several responding officers – one of which was struck in the head. A stand-off ensued before he surrendered to authorities several hours later.

At about 4:30 PM, the probable cause affidavit states Collins allegedly threatened to kill seven people inside of a residence at the 2200-block of Craighead County Road 847, just outside of Caraway. He allegedly put a gun to one victim’s head and threatened to kill him before the victim left the scene. Witness accounts say he then fired several rounds into the area of the residence, which was still occupied.

Craighead County Deputy Logan Dotson and Caraway Police Chief Shannon Kelems were the first law enforcement officers to arrive. Collins was located in a white Ford truck at the residence but he began to drive through a field nearby. He ended up getting stuck on some barrels in the field.

With the officers commanding him to put his hands up, Collins refused. Instead, he retrieved a shotgun from inside of his truck and fired at Dotson, striking him in the head. His patrol unit was also hit. Reports indicate he thought he was hit by a piece of glass at first before realizing a pellet had struck him.

Update: Sheriff Marty Boyd told NEA Report late Tuesday that Dotson is doing okay – and was very lucky.

Chief Kelems’ vehicle was shot and damaged severely as Collins continued to fire, attempting to shoot Kelems himself, the affidavit states. Dotson returned fire until Collins stopped shooting at law enforcement.

After almost a two-hour standoff with law enforcement, Collins turned himself in. He was arrested and booked into Craighead County Detention Center at 10:44 PM, jail records show.

Prosecuting Attorney Scott Ellington told NEA Report he was at the bond hearing Tuesday and requested the high bond amount of $5 million. Ellington plans to charge the suspect with two counts of attempted capital murder and seven charges of aggravated assault.

Collins. Source: CCDC



  1. This is pertaining to the Collins investigation and only about half of y’all statement is true other half was false I was there I was one of the people in the house if you going to tell story on the news at least get your facts straight sincerely Rusty Collins

    • Nicely said… Its about time people spoke their minds & corrected the News& Or Police when they didnt give or tell the whole truth.. Thank you for speaking up..

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