Report: Two men kick in back door, fire three rounds

JONESBORO, Ark. – Police were investigating an aggravated residential burglary reported to have happened on Tuesday in Jonesboro.

The report states the incident happened on Tuesday, Jan. 14 around 7:43 PM at the 1600-block of East Johnson Avenue. The residential unit was home to a 28-year-old female who said two men tried to kick in her back door before firing three rounds into the apartment.

The officer noted the wooden door frame damaged by forced entry and the wooden door had three bullet holes in the center of it. The wall also had damage from bullet holes, indicating the suspects may have fired through the door from the outside. It was unclear from the report if they gained actual entry to the home as much was under investigation with the narrative masked.

Six witnesses were listed in the report, including a 10-year-old child. Fortunately, no one appeared to have been physically injured in the incident.

The two suspects were only described as black males with medium builds and being about 6’0″, 185 pounds each.

NEA Report reached out to JPD to find out more on Thursday morning to find out more.

As of Thursday morning at 10:20 AM, the case was still an active investigation, said JPD’s Public Information Specialist Sally Smith. No suspects had been named and police were waiting on witness interviews, Smith said.



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