Drunken deputy pleads guilty to DWI; Video obtained

Received 30 day suspended sentence, ordered to complete DWI classes

NEWPORT, Ark. – Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Adam Zitzelberger was so drunk on September 17, 2019, that callers were dialing 911 over his erratic driving.

When an Arkansas State Police Trooper caught up to him and pulled him over, the state trooper flat out told him that he was wasted.

On October 23, Zitzelberger pleaded guilty to DWI, first offense, a court clerk told NEA Report. He was given a 30 day suspended jail sentence (meaning he didn’t go to jail). He was ordered to complete a DWI class.

The video was obtained by NEA Report after a Freedom of Information Act request.

Zitzelberger stumbles out of his SUV. He can barely keep his balance. Despite the obviousness of his problem, he lies to the Arkansas State Trooper and claims he’s not drunk. Trooper Robert Stewart handles the situation with professionalism and gives Zitzelberger no free passes, just as should be expected.

“You’re very intoxicated. You can’t drive worth a flip and you can’t walk worth a flip. So there’s no like maybe.”

The deputy blows into the portable breathalyzer. He registers a 0.19, over twice the legal limit of 0.08.

The state trooper asks if he can call someone to come get Zitzelberger’s SUV but the Jackson County deputy can’t seem to answer.

“Adam, again I hate it – but you’re under arrest for DWI,” the trooper tells him.

Zitzelberger slurs out a comment about his career. The state trooper tells him he wishes he could do something different but it isn’t even close.

“I don’t know how you didn’t hit somebody,” the trooper states.

There’s no accountability shown by the Jackson County deputy.

“I didn’t do anything,” Zitzelberger replies.

On the ride to the jail, the trooper phones a colleague of some sort to inform them that he was “10-15” with a Jackson County deputy. He tells them of the “.19.” Zitzelberger asks him if he will give him a ride home. The trooper replies no.

Trooper Stewart was clearly concerned for the public’s safety by the acts of the drunken Zitzelberger. Despite this, Zitzelberger’s only comment on the ride to the jail is, again, about his career.

“He’s not in the shape to make decisions,” Stewart tells someone on the phone.

Trooper Stewart takes Zitzelberger into the jail garage before giving him the field sobriety test, noting that it was out of respect. As the trooper gives Zitzelberger the test, he fails at every turn. Zitzelberger almost loses his balance while watching the trooper demonstrate the test.


It becomes clear that Zitzelberger can’t even stand up on his own without leaning against the garage door. The trooper ends the test and completes the arrest. The video stops there.

NEA Report reached out to Jackson County Sheriff David Lucas about the matter. He previously told other media outlets he was “looking into it.” We’ve submitted a records request for disciplinary action taken with Zitzelberger along with his current employment status but Lucas hasn’t responded to any of our emails or requests for comment, to date.

No Stranger to the News

Zitzelberger attained his first round of fame in the press by messaging a reporter and threatening him for reporting news. On March 5, 2019, he messaged NEA Report, stating…

“…before you continue to publicly condemn Mr. Cooper or Mr. Henry Boyce. You better make sure you have never made a mistake in your life.” – Jackson County Sheriff’s Investigator Adam Zitzelberger.

Zitzelberger’s obvious threat and potential first amendment violation came following NEA Report’s fearless coverage of a crooked prosecution in Walnut Ridge by Deputy Prosecutor Ryan Cooper. Despite the entire police force and city government being shamed nationwide over the incident, Zitzelberger defended the unjust prosecution by Cooper, supported by Henry Boyce.

In case you have forgotten, Cooper prosecuted the victim in this video – the railroad worker who was assaulted by a police officer.

The police officer who was clearly in the wrong was defended by the crooked city government to the point of losing a lawsuit and their police chief. When the man tried filing a complaint, the chief wrote him tickets. Cooper prosecuted the tickets to a not-guilty verdict. He never threw them out, despite them being complete lies. It forced the victim, Adam Finley, to hire an attorney. Even though Cooper could have stopped the unjust process, he never did. Finley ended up getting $57,500 over the city’s screw up.

For reporting that, Zitzelberger attacked a reporter and defended the prosecutors, Cooper and Boyce, who handle his cases. He remained a law enforcement officer after those threats, somehow.

Six months later, he was in handcuffs for DWI.


  1. So, once again to keep an unfit cop in the ranks, he is given a suspended sentance. Well guess some black suspect will pay for this with his life down the road.

    When you wonder what the problem is just look in the mirror. Whites get treated better than non whites or marginilized white minorities.

  2. Ryan cooper is on the way out, get ready for an equally crooked city attorney/prosecutor to step in. The replacement for cooper starts with a j…lol

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