Deputy threatens reporter to stop covering news story

Jackson Co. deputy demands NEA Report stop covering prosecutor’s mistakes with ominous message

JONESBORO, Ark. – A Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputy sent threatening messages to NEA Report on Tuesday afternoon about our continued reporting of the unjust prosecution of a Walnut Ridge railroad worker.

It is one of many instances of police showing resentment toward our reporting of the blatant police and governmental abuses of power. However, it is the first such time a member of law enforcement has sent us an ominous message threatening this reporter should our work continue.

“So before you continue to publicly condemn Mr. Cooper or Mr. Henry Boyce. You better make sure you have never made a mistake in your life.” – Excerpt from message sent by Jackson County Deputy Sheriff Adam Zitzelberger to NEA Report

Here are the messages, beginning at 12:17 PM Tuesday afternoon, March 5, 2019.



Jackson County Deputy Adam Zitzelberger falls under the jurisdiction of the Third Judicial District Prosecutor Henry Boyce and his deputy prosecutor, Ryan Cooper. Zitzelberger’s (since deactivated) Facebook profile listed him as having worked in not just one, but two different counties under Boyce’s purview – the other being Lawrence County, where the police abuse story he contacted us about happened. The Jackson County deputy demanded we stop publicly “condemning” Cooper because, “He’s a great person and a great Prosecuting Attorney.” The statements, which do not correlate, display the complete absence of logic from the deputy. Also, NEA Report hasn’t published a story on the matter since last month.

However, the deputy himself even admits Cooper made a mistake by prosecuting an innocent man to a not-guilty verdict.

But, the deputy’s intentions were clear: stop reporting on the deputy prosecutor’s mistake or else.

“So before you continue to publicly condemn Mr. Cooper or Mr. Henry Boyce. You better make sure you have never made a mistake in your life.

Deputy Zitzelberger’s implication was that, should we continue exercising our First Amendment rights, we will likely face criminal charges the first opportunity an officer gets to bring them. We tried getting the deputy to explain himself but he shifted blame in his conversation to the Walnut Ridge police chief, who has since resigned.

The deputy then denied sending threats to the reporter from his very same account two messages later. He claimed he was only asking questions. He then deactivated his account.

“I did not threaten you or anybody,” Deputy Zitzelberger wrote. “I was simply asking a question.”

NEA Report is forwarding the messages to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Arkansas State Police, Third Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, and to NEA Report legal counsel. 


  1. I am Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. And I’m a dumbass. Instead of letting a story die, I poured gasoline on the Fire. You would think that the best way to get rid of a news reporter is to ignore him. But Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is not known its intelligence. Instead they give more evidence against themselves. Just shutup already and the story dies…. but no we have to give stan his soap box. No offense stan
    Saracasm is meant here.

  2. Keep on reporting… this court room and Ryan cooper do alot that is wrong in that court innocent glad you are staying on this.. I have seen some things I felt should have been reported on Mr cooper and the judge in this court room and cause them to be investigated.. your doing a great job…Thank you.

  3. Keep Rocking on Stan!! You and NEA Report is the only way that we can learn the “real” news…that which would never be heard or reported by those “others” Also, there is a Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training ( that you can report officers to as well. They don’t play when it comes to officer’s not conducting themselves in a professional manner.

  4. Keep on rocking I to have felt the hardship and misconduct of Lawrence county police officers and Randolph county officers and jail administration and abuse of power in authority positions I’m even dealing with probation officer in walnut ridge and this corrupt judicial system and way they get away with injustice and violating our civil and constitutional rights of us citizens that is veterans gave so much for expecially of veterans and their families with disabilities and that living under poverty level my wife is incarcerated and been a month and almost 2weeks now not seen a circuit judge yet only district and can’t be nothing done in her case cus its circuit case and 10,000 cash only for failure to appear and after already been going to court been continued 3 times and death of her father 2days before she got bucked into Randolph county jail which is very poorly care of inmates with hygiene products and being in room while inmates talk to mental health doctor and outrageous 20 dollar visit see doc and medication even when have insurance since revocation hearing Sept 2021lawyer changed by other party’s 2 times and another one in Lawrence county court and false allegations and dates times and reports by probation officer and wr officers to obtain warrants and revocation to keep her on supervision longer and more moner for counties and she over half way time served on probation all court fines fees in Randolph paid and complete rehab inpatient and counseling current and good attendance along with AA/NA ATTENDENCE 3 TIMES WEEK community services attending church every Wednesday night and twice Sundays and obtaining and keeping job they seam to justify 10,000 cash only bond for failure to appear for court on petion to revocate probation after been 4times since court first appearance no prior gun charges or or adult charges nothing major and got proof not absconding first part 7th month 2022 had probation visit reported in office wasn’t there and by 25 she had 5more offense added to her and accused of absconding and more added to amended petion to revocate that was originally filed and warrants issued on Sept 20 2021 complements of wonderful do no wrong Ryan cooper which to be honest several legal mistakes and and discrepancies on filed court documents not to mention lack of probable cause and and actual sworn affidavit and bunch even station other parties and there violated persons rights on illegal search and seizure of person and private property docents and belongings

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