Woman shields two children as armed robbery happens behind her, video shows

JONESBORO, Ark. – An aggravated robbery took place in front of two little kids as they played with toys. It’s hard to watch. The video, however, was just released.

The Jonesboro Police Department on Thursday released in-store footage from a Dollar General aggravated robbery that occurred at about 8:18 PM on November 8.

A suspect is seen casing the store 45 minutes before the robbery occurs, and enters/leaves four times beforehand, police said.

The robber executes his plan as children are in the background. A woman who appears to be the custodian of the children shields them from what is happening but as the screenshot above shows, one is staring in shock at the events unfolding. He then picks up a toy sword and resumes his innocence, jousting with his friend.

JPD is asking for your help in the identification of the suspect in the red jacket/grey hat (Suspect 1), as well as the armed suspect in the black jacket/pants (Suspect 2). A yellow bandana is seen in Suspect 1’s back pocket before the robbery as well as in Suspect 2’s pocket after.

If you know these suspects or their whereabouts, call the Desk Sergeant at 870-935-5657. If your tip leads to the arrest of one or both suspects, you will be entitled to a substantial cash award through CrimeStoppers of Jonesboro.


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