State Trooper returns fire, killing suspect; second in custody

Press Release – ASP

The Arkansas State Police is continuing an investigation into a shooting incident involving a state trooper who shot a suspect who fired a pistol at the trooper following a motor vehicle crash earlier today.  The investigation is being lead by Special Agents of the Criminal Investigation Division.

  At approximately 1:30 PM, a state trooper in Warren assigned to the Highway Patrol Division, Troop F, attempted to initiate a traffic stop involving a vehicle at Shelby Avenue and Main Street.

  The driver of the vehicle failed to stop for the trooper and proceeded to drive out of town and at 1:33 PM turned onto Bradley County Road 24, about one mile southeast of Warren.  About one minute later, as the driver attempted to flee from the trooper, the vehicle crashed.  A vehicle occupant then pointed a gun at the trooper and fired striking the state police patrol car.

  The trooper returned fire hitting the suspect, identified as Christopher Dequan Crosby, 34, of Warren.  Crosby died at the scene.

  A second occupant in the vehicle fled on foot and was quickly apprehended without incident.  At this time the name of the second occupant is not being released while the individual is being questioned.

  Crosby’s body and other evidence from the shooting scene are being transported to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory for examination.

  The state police investigation into the use of deadly force by a law enforcement officer will be turned-over to the Bradley County prosecuting attorney to determine whether the use of deadly force was consistent with Arkansas laws.

  The trooper has been placed on paid administrative leave and his identity will be released after the trooper has met with his family and provided a statement to CID agents.


  1. Good for the trooper, glad he didn’t take a bullet. NEArkansas is overrun with homegrown terrorists, MS13 and every other evil human debris you can name. Time to take off the kid gloves, go at the bad guys with extreme prejudice. Capital punishment always works, even if it has to be on the street side of the battle.

  2. What we have been doing, isn’t working.Maybe it’s time we ask the professionals,for advice; instead of vice a versa.

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