Red car involved in Keely St. shooting seen on video

JONESBORO, Ark. – If you can identify the suspect or suspects in this video, or perhaps the location of the car or other relevant information, contact JPD immediately.

This red car is said by police to be associated with the shooting Thursday morning on Keely Road in Jonesboro. A witness also told NEA Report a red car was involved. She mentioned it was playing loud music.

Darrius Furlow, 23, of Jonesboro, was shot in the right leg and the back. Fortunately, his injuries were thought to be non-lethal. He was taken to a local hospital, Sally Smith said.

The incident appears to have happened at 9:39 AM. Nearby schools were placed on lock-down after the incident took place. Officers arrived and heard gunshots going off in the area again, after the initial shooting.

Can you help police with any information? If so, contact the Jonesboro Police Department at 870-935-5657 or CrimeStoppers at 935-STOP.

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