ELECTION RESULTS for Sales Tax Initiative

JONESBORO, Ark. – Election results are expected to come in at any moment and will be updated here when they do.

This is for Jonesboro’s one-percent sales tax initiative vote.

Unofficial Final Results

4805 (48.93%): FOR

5016 (51.07%): AGAINST

9837 Total Ballots

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  1. If the city officials are so worried about money and want to help make Jonesboro a better place why don’t they take a small 5 percent pay cut over the next 12 yr’s? I’ll bet they’ll makeup some b/s excuse as to why they can’t.Election year is coming up fast.

  2. They spent millions tearing out trees, paving and building fences in Craighead Forest is why they need money and the animals need a place to live now. There’s where police and firefighter money went. Deer are dying on the streets but what do we care.

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