Man stabbed in Jonesboro, police after suspect

JONESBORO, Ark. – JPD stayed busy on Sunday responding to yet another call involving a criminal attack.

Around 6:27 PM Sunday, Jonesboro police were called to Arrowhead Farm Road where a stabbing took place.

JPD Public Information Specialist Sally Smith confirmed the incident to NEA Report. She said police discovered a man with stab wounds to his chest and back. He was transported to a local hospital and is currently undergoing treatment for his wounds.

Police are searching for a person of interest at this time, Smith also released.


  1. Why don’t the public get a description of the person of interest the police is looking for? Seems like they NEVER give descriptions if the bad guys, so how is the public supposed to help and if we don’t know what the bad guys look like how are we to feel safe in our own neighborhoods with a dangerous PERSON OF INTEREST running around? I think ALL so called PERSONS OF INTEREST should be described..

  2. They want to keep it quite because they know if people found out how violent Jonesboro is then less people would want to come here and that means less money.

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