Crack found in bedroom of suspect’s son; Elderly couple severely injured in wreck; More from JPD

JONESBORO, Ark. – The past 24 hours of reports from JPD included crack being allegedly found in the son’s room of a suspected drug dealer. Also, police encountered a man with a very large bulge in his pants early Wednesday.

All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Everything in this report is public record.

Sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning, a driver window was busted and theft took place from a vehicle at the Cedar Heights Apartments (2009 Cedar Heights). Apparently, the apartments have no cameras in that area.

A woman who was stopped for speeding had warrants for her arrest out of Jonesboro. Amanda Cunningham, 37, was stopped around 8:48 AM Tuesday at the intersection of Ritter Road and Windover Road. The report said she had multiple failure to appear warrants, including one that had an order for her to be seen by a judge before bond was set. She was taken to CCDC.

Warrant Watch

Sharod Demario James, 24, was cited on a failure to appear warrant by an officer at work at the Justice Complex.

Elisabeth Ann Burris, 23, of Jonesboro, was cited on a contempt of court warrant and FTA warrant at the Justice Complex. She was cited and released.

Karen Hranicky, 27, of Jonesboro, was arrested after an officer saw her leave her residence in a vehicle around 6:25 PM Tuesday night at the 600-block of Warren Street. She had a felony bench warrant for forgery and no license.

Marlon Sanders, 40, was walking at 3:45 AM Wednesday down a street in the Cedar Heights area when he was identified by an officer. He had a valid warrant through Garland County and was arrested.

An unknown individual was reported to have stolen a firearm from a nightstand at an apartment at the 3300-block of Barrett Circle. The black Phoenix arms .22 handgun was taken from the 69-year-old man’s night stand during an undefined time. The report was filed Tuesday morning around 10:23 AM.

A suspect reportedly forged a check and possibly a gift card at Barton’s Supply Company, a report filed at 10:27 Tuesday morning said. Most details were masked due to second degree forgery being a felony. Both the check and gift card were said to be $300 each in value. A suspect had not been arrested yet but was named in the report as authorities continue to investigate.

Someone’s gas tank was sugared between 10 AM Monday and 6 AM Tuesday at the 1200-block of Warren Street. Not only that, but the windows of the vehicle were busted out and apparently, windows to her home were also destroyed. The victim, 24, female, said she had a roommate she asked to move out who became very angry and has since been returning and causing damage to her property. Jordan Mohnike, 23-25, male, of Jonesboro, was named in the report as the suspect by the woman. Extra patrols were ordered for the home. No arrests were made at the time of the report.

Dump Truck Causes Severe Accident

An elderly couple was hospitalized after a severe automobile accident involving a dump truck Tuesday morning. It was around 9:30 AM the incident begins, the report says. James Willey, 89, and Juanita Willey, 86, were driving a 2016 Chevy Impala west on Johnson Avenue while approaching Paragould Drive. The officer reported at the same time, a 2019 Kenworth dump truck was going east on Johnson, also approaching Paragould Drive, when a second dump truck pulled out into his path. The elderly couple swerved out of the path of the big truck and had a head-on crash with the other dump truck, the officer reported. The 2019 white dump truck’s insurance policy was listed as “Arkansas Municipal League,” which is usually reserved for government entities such as the City of Jonesboro. It was not made clear who owned the trucks. One driver (of the 2019 truck) was listed: Kevin Brockman, 26, of Jonesboro. The second suspect was apparently not identified. Mrs. Willey was airlifted to Memphis due to her injuries. Mr. Willey was taken to NEA Baptist, nearby. Video of the incident showed the vehicle on Paragould Drive pulling into the path of the 2019 white dump truck, being the “main contributing factor” in the accident, the report indicated. It was not clear if charges were to be pursued.

Crack in Son’s Bedroom

A traffic stop for improper turn signal at about 11:45 AM near Apple Street and Hester Street yielded cocaine, scales, and a gun. Latausha Rena Smith, 37, of Jonesboro, was arrested with the aforementioned items in addition to a box of baggies and $4,980 in cash on her. Three baggies containing suspected crack cocaine were recovered. Since Smith was on felony probation, she was taken back to her residence and it was searched. Crack cocaine was found in her son’s bedroom. Officers found more crack on her when they got her to the jail. She also had some marijuana on her. She’s being charged with three felonies: simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, possession of cocaine with intent to deliver, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Source: JPD Facebook

A traffic stop on a blue 2003 Chevy Silverado ended with a man being arrested for having no license…and items used to smoke with. Shane O Wooldridge, 30, of Jonesboro, was stopped at Matthews and Rains just after noon on Tuesday. A baggie with suspected meth residue, a foal “boat” with suspected meth residue, and a red straw with residue were found on him. He was arrested for felony drug paraphernalia and driving while license suspended.

A call at the 600-block of East Alpine Street about an unwanted person resulted in a man being arrested with ecstasy. Louis Martez Crawford, 27, was arrested for violating a no contact order as well as having one purple pill on him (not Nexium). The suspected ecstasy got him a felony charge. He apparently refused to leave a woman’s residence despite her asking him to numerous times.

Someone stole a package off of a porch at the 5500-block of Macedonia Road between noon and 1 PM on August 14. It was just reported yesterday. The stolen item was a Calloway punter.

Manhunt for Suspect

The Jonesboro Police Department Street Crimes Unit was contacted Tuesday by the US Marshals Service to assist in a “manhunt” for Jose Antonio Rodriguez in relation to four counts of Statutory Rape of a Child Under 15 years old. Rodriguez had felony warrants out of North Carolina for these charges and the US Marshals received information that he was at 1408 Branchwood Lane. The SCU, along with the US Marshals, located Rodriguez at a home in south Jonesboro Tuesday. He was arrested without incident and is being held at CCDC awaiting extradition to North Carolina


A 34-year-old woman was involved in a domestic altercation with her boyfriend, 39, which resulted in her getting a broken nose. The report was made around 2 PM Tuesday at the 400-block of West Forrest Road. The report also indicated the boyfriend’s 2015 Nissan Versa had a busted front windshield. No arrests were listed in the report.

A burglary and theft was reported at about 3 PM on Tuesday at the 500-block of Wilkins Avenue to JPD but it took place in the days prior. A mother, 32, returned home to find her son’s TV stolen and another TV out of place along with her front door pushed open. There were no leads on suspects.

Someone ran over a business sign at the 1500-block of Red Wolf and then drove off. It was reported at 4:45 PM Tuesday.

Someone hit a vehicle in a parking lot at the 3400-block of Sun Avenue (apartment) between Monday night at 5 PM and Tuesday morning at 6 AM. The report said the victim’s vehicle was side swiped on the driver’s side. No suspect information was available.

A woman was bit by her terrier-mix Tuesday at the 4800-block of Harrisburg Road. It happened after her dogs were fighting over food and she tried to separate them. The dog was up to date on vaccinations.

A fight broke out around 5:30 PM Tuesday at the 100-block of State Street in Jonesboro. Multiple officers were dispatched to control the situation.

A 73-year-old man went to JPD on Caraway to report his 60-70 year old neighbor keeps annoying him. They’ve been in a feud for years, he said. He was advised of his rights.

Two suspects are accused of stealing two shopping carts full of merchandise from Dollar General on Gee Street in Jonesboro. It was around 6:45 PM Tuesday night. The report states two black females left the premises with two shopping carts fully loaded with miscellaneous merchandise. They went through the check-out, neglected to pay, and told the manager they had paaid for the items. They headed east on Huntington.

A 25-year-old female reported her 26-year-old boyfriend hit her in the face. The report was filed at JPD HQ Tuesday night around 7:42 PM.

A Tuesday night hit and run was reported at Red Wolf Boulevard and East Johnson Avenue. A vehicle pulled out in front of a woman, causing impact, and the vehicle left the scene. The vehicle which fled the scene was said to have damage to the passenger side rear wheel well area. It was a gray 2010 Volkswagen Jetta, owned by Delainey Lucas, of Tyronza.

Two residents of nearby apartments had tensions boil over aroudn 10 PM Tuesday night when one female, 39, went to another’s home. The victim, 35, had her window destroyed. It happened at the 700-block of Meadowbrook.

A report states that an assault took place involving an assailant who was high on air duster. The victim, 43, was attacked sometime late Tuesday at the 1300-block of Flint Street. She was there to meet a friend when she said the suspect was huffing air duster and laughing before she left the room to lay down. The victim said she went to check on the suspect and was attacked and scratched. She had several scratches on her cheek and a puncture to her lip.

“A Very Large Bulge In the Front Area of His Pants”

Officer Logan Butler reported an unusual encounter at 5 AM on Wednesday at the Exxon Gas Station, 1325 South Caraway Road. He responded for a shoplifting call where the complainant said anytime he turned his head, the suspect, Alton Young, 58, homeless, would steal items. He had scored at least six hats based on the report. The officer went to speak to young after talking to the manager.

“…I noticed a very large bulge in the front area of his pants which I immediately believed to be stolen items,” Butler wrote.

Butler was correct about the bulge and six hats were removed from Young’s pants. Young was arrested for shoplifting and taken to CCDC.


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