Team Jonesboro town hall this Friday


Jonesboro, Ark. – On Friday, August 23rd, the Jonesboro Neighborhood Coalition will host a panel from the Team Jonesboro Initiative for a public town hall forum. The forum will begin at 6:30 PM at the Better Life Center Gym located within the Southwest Church of Christ building at 1601 James Street. Attendees are asked to please use the James Street entrance, the Better Life Center Gym is on the northwest corner of the facility. Signs will be posted.

“We are excited at the opportunity to invite our friends, neighbors and fellow residents to come learn about this initiative,” stated Neighborhood Coalition member Jena Williams. “We encourage people to ask questions and learn about the initiative, that way they can cast an informed vote in the upcoming election.”

On September 10th, voters will decide to vote for or against the Team Jonesboro Initiative. The Initiative would create a temporary 1¢ sales tax, half of which would be dedicated solely to Jonesboro Police and Fire and half to quality of life amenities such as an aquatics center, sidewalks, a children’s museum, new parks and existing park upgrades.

“When we formed the Neighborhood Coalition, our goal was to both help organize the neighborhood groups in Jonesboro and to educate the public about important events as they arose,” said Scenic Hills Neighborhood Association President Judy Casteel, “the public as a whole benefits from open engagement and discussion.”

“We thank Southwest Church of Christ for allowing this forum to be held in their facility. We would like to point out that this is an informational only function and should not be interpreted as an endorsement or support in any way beyond allowing citizens a place to learn about the Team Jonesboro Initiative,” stated Briarwood Neighborhood Association President Andy Davis.

To learn more about the Jonesboro Neighborhood Coalition please contact the group at  

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  1. Just going to be another Big Government Tax & Spend Useless Projects so Mayor Perrin can have his Legacy. He loves raising taxes and blowing our hard earned tax money they confiscate. This town is crime infested mosquito hole. If Lame Jonesboro Coalition wants to do something fix traffic and not with stupid 4 car turn lanes, real traffic solutions, it takes 30 minutes to get out of this crap hole, its gridlocked!!! VOTE NO SEPT 10TH !!!!

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