Major updates on Cedar Heights shooting and more weekend crime reports

JONESBORO, Ark. – The Monday following a weekend always contains a number of reports from JPD. Only from NEA Report, an exclusive summary of what happened over the weekend. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

A report was taken early Monday after an incident reported around 7:27 PM involving a household fight at the 700-block of West Cherry. After investigating, officers arrested Vanessa Williams, 30, for misdemeanor assault on a household member. She allegedly struck a man in the face.

A vehicle was vandalized in Jonesboro and a man didn’t know until he was about to go to work. At about 5 AM Monday, a man at the 300-block of Leslie Anne Drive came outside to notice his black Ford Taurus had damage to all four doors, the hood, and the trunk. The damage was a felony amount. Police were investigating and a suspect was listed in the report.

JPD Patrolling Cedar Heights

It appears JPD is patrolling near Cedar Heights in force after a shooting Saturday night.

The report for the shooting itself began around 7:30 PM Saturday night. It said Markis Javon Fletcher, 25, was shot in the neck and chest. Another victim, Ladonte Reginald Jones, 26, was shot in the buttocks. When JPD searched Jones at the hospital, two bags were found containing cocaine. They reportedly found ecstasy pills and marijuana, too. Jones was arrested at the hospital and taken to Craighead County Detention Center. When interviewing witnesses, police learned from one the shooting may have started over a love interest between the male suspects. A female witness said she believed “KD Wilson” pulled a gun and began shooting at which point another returned fire. This caused others to begin shooting, she said.

A man was arrested for possession of a stolen handgun and warrants during a traffic stop early Monday. At 3 AM, Officer Tanner Huff noticed a blue 2010 Ford Flex driving with bright lights on and no license plate illumination. It was at Cedar Heights and State. He stopped the vehicle and made contact with the occupants: Deonte Dornell Love, 22, and Rodeirquez Jeramine Pope, 22. Both had valid warrants. Love was charged with possession of a firearm by certain persons, thieve by receiving firearm, possession of defaced firearm, and a parole violation. Pope was arrested for driving on a suspended license and two FTA warrants.

Shortly after midnight Monday morning, a traffic stop at the same intersection by the same officer resulted in a man fleeing arrest. Officer huff noticed a silver 2007 Chevy Impala driving north on State Street with a headlight out. He began the traffic stop. The driver pulled into an address near the 1800-block of Cedar Heights, got out, and ran on foot. Unfortunately for the driver, he left information in the car that made his identification possible. Huff said a warrant will be sought for Aquaino L. Henry, 33, of Jonesboro. His vehicle was towed.

Gunshots were heard around 5:26 AM in the Cedar Heights area Sunday. Police noticed a black male on a bicycle traveling very fast on Cedar Heights Drive. The suspect evaded the officer but the bike was collected for evidence.

Shell-casings were reported as being found at the 1600-block of Cedar Heights around 8:23 AM Sunday morning. It may be related to the shooting Saturday, where dozens of rounds were fired.

Another shooting happened early Sunday near the 400-block of Roseclair Street. Three calls came in about it but no damages or injuries were found after officers checked.

An attempted break-in was reported at the 700-block of Cherry Street at an apartment late Sunday. A window was removed and shattered, with damage to the area where the perpetrator had taken the mirror out. The resident noticed it while taking trash outside late. No suspects were listed and it did not appear the suspect gained entry into the home.

Two juveniles ran away from CYS late Sunday. They were entered as missing. At about 4 AM, they returned and went to their dorm room.

A suspect was alleged to have stolen a phone and sent himself the cash to pay for the phone from the stolen phone. Confused yet? The report was taken at 7:45 Sunday at the desk of JPD. The victim said he was trying to sell his phone to a suspect when the suspect stole the phone and then paid himself $75.50 which was supposed to be used to pay for the phone.

A male suspect allegedly violated a no contact with his ex-wife during a custody transfer of children late Sunday. At about 7 PM, police were dispatched to the 4800-block of East Johnson Avenue. Devin Lee Garner, 28, was the suspect in the report. Despite his ex-wife parking away, the report said he went out of his way to make face-to-face contact with her while handing the children over during the encounter. The officer reported he has a suspended driver’s license along with warrants for his arrest out of Poinsett County and Bay PD.

A family disturbance at the 4700-block of Sanderson Lane late Sunday led JPD to the home to find out what happened. One suspect, Ashley McMillen, 34, of Jonesboro, was said to be angry and talkative. The report said she struck her boyfriend in the face during an argument. Then, a 15-year-old male struck the victim with a chair. The report said McMillen was arrested and the other suspect, the teen, cited and released.

Two shoplifters were reported Sunday night at Walmart on Highland Drive. Their names were redacted from the report. They were said to have stolen children’s cloths and soup.

A 47-year-old man is being investigated for inappropriate contact with a 10-year-old female. JPD made a report about it indicating it was under investigation by another agency and that it happened outside of their jurisdiction.

Vehicle Break-In Reports

The 2500-block of Glenn Pl. in Jonesboro. It happened sometime between 1:20 AM and 6:19 PM Sunday.

The Links Apartments, 1700-block, was reported Sunday between 3 AM and 4:50 PM.

The 2500-block of East Johnson Avenue sometime between midnight and 10:30 AM Sunday (four separate reports completed at the same address). In one instance, suspects were said to have assaulted a victim before stealing from them.

3100-block of Southwest Drive, someone stole from a vehicle early Sunday.

2900-block of Phillips Drive, someone stolen from the bed of a truck between Saturday night and Sunday morning. A felony amount was stolen.

A vehicle windshield was shattered with a rock overnight Saturday between 1 AM and 7 AM at the 1000-block of Scott Street.

Someone stole a license plate off of a vehicle early after 3 AM Saturday at the 1900-block of Mt. Vernon Road.

A back windshield at 1200-Oak Avenue was shattered by a brick sometime late Friday.

Several storage units had the locks cut on them at the 3100-block of Mead Drive over the weekend. The report, made Sunday evening, indicated two male suspects were behind the thefts. Video may exist showing them, the report suggested.

A 12-year-old allegedly struck his mother at the 900-block of Paragould Road Sunday afternoon.

A report of possible felony aggravated assault on a family member was started Sunday after a 30-year-old female was taken to the hospital with scratch marks on her cheeks, bite marks on and around her ears, and marks around her neck. The case was being investigated Monday. A 9 year old was possibly witness to the events.

Warrant Sweep:

Donny Lee James, 59, was contacted at the 900-block of Willett Road and arrested on two failure to appear warrants.

Christopher Hull, already in jail, was served on citations for two failure to appear warrants out of Jonesboro.

Jimmie S. Manning was cited for FTA warrants and non-payment of fines at jail.

Gary Ray Truxler, 63, was stopped by Bono PD late Friday and served for a warrant from Jonesboro on non-payment of fines and released back to Bono PD, who reportedly arrested him for possession.

Chad Turner, 36, and Sarah Miller, 38, were served at the 1700-block of North Culberhouse around 10 PM Friday. Turner had an active warrant for his arrest. Miller had a commitment order.

Markela Dentmond, 22, arrested for contempt of court and possessing marijuana.

Jonathan James Rodgers, 23, and Cathie Jean Rodgers, 46, were both cited at Cotton and Highland Friday evening. Cathie Jean had a contempt of court warrant, resulting in her being cited and released. Jonathan was arrested due to his failure to appear warrants and taken to jail.


Julia Rae Cart, 29, and Eric Harden, 36, were arrested early Sunday after drugs were found in their hotel room, including meth.

Someone carded the front door of a residence at the 1100-block of Belt and stole an AC unit Saturday night/Sunday morning.

A residential burglary happened at an apartment at the 1300-block of Flint Street. Damage was caused to the residence.

An arrestee who was on misdemeanor probation was arrested for possessing a gun at a party. James Todd Richmond, 31, was arrested late Saturday.

Johnny Pankey, 66, was arrested at an apartment on West Huntington Avenue late Saturday after an “unwanted guest” call. He was found with a warrant and reportedly admitted to being on controlled substances.

Pankey was the suspect in that report but he was the complainant in an earlier report at the 1400-block of West Huntington. The unwanted guest call resulted in the arrest of Becky Greenway, 45, and Leo Kregol, 51, for drugs. Pankey reported he believed his roommates to be on drugs. Meth and marijuana were found.

A truck that squalled its tires at a red light in front of an officer was stopped at 11 PM Saturday night. The maroon 1996 Ford Ranger, no bumper, tailgate, or license plate, was stopped at Race Street and Briar Drive. Donald J. Nelson, 29, was arrested for DWI, expired tags, and was cited for hazardous driving.

Santos Flores, 34 was arrested for allegedly punching his 19-year-old step-son in the face Saturday night in Jonesboro.

A suspect allegedly chased a victim with a sword Saturday night at the 2400-block of Boydston Street. Derrick Harris, 31, of Parkin, was listed as the suspect in the incident. his girlfriend said she was chased while the suspect shouted he would kill someone if the police were called again.

Vandals spray-painted a church room at the 2700-block of Alexander Drive. The vandals painted various walls and items in the room. It was reported Saturday night.

Two women left Fuji Japanese Steakhouse without paying for their food Saturday night but they may still end up paying. The report said the two women, both white between 18-30 years of age, got up and left without paying. Video footage was turned over to the police.

Allegations of abuse were made at St. Elizabeth Place against a CNA Saturday. Police took the report from the administrator who said that a resident, female, 88, stated she had been abused by a 55-year-old female CNA. The case is being investigated.

A traffic stop for running a stop sign Saturday evening in Jonesboro resulted in a Pocahontas woman being arrested. Autumn Leann Morris, 38, was arrested on a warrant out of Craighead County. Her passenger, Jason Paul Woods, 39, had a failure to pay fines warrant out of Jonesboro but he was not arrested. The vehicle was released at the scene to Woods. Morris was taken into custody (failure to appear warrant).

Kendrick J. Smith, 26, was arrested for shoplifting poly neck ties Saturday evening at Walmart on Highland Drive in Jonesboro.

John T. Cannon was arrested Saturday afternoon for driving on a suspended license and having a warrant out of Jonesboro.

A woman reported her apple tree was uprooted and her tires slashed at the 1300-block of Nettleton Circle. It happened sometime overnight, the report made Saturday afternoon said.

Two suspects were alleged to have paid for a Facebook marketplace purchase with counterfeit cash. Gregory Johnson, 20-40, and Katalina King, 20-40, were the suspects listed in the report by a woman who sold her coffee table and rug on Facebook before getting ripped off.

Someone vandalized Demo’s BBQ on East Johnson Avenue, a report filed around noon Saturday said. Money was stolen, property vandalized, and the business illegally entered. The suspect faces felony charges. Detectives are investigating.

Possible instances of rape were reported around noon Saturday to JPD. The report, which is heavily redacted, said an uncle was said to have raped “suspects” and mentions a felony charge including a”any parent who permits a child to engage in sexual conduct.” No other details or dates were available.

A woman was stopped early Saturday morning arguing with herself in the middle of the road near Chalky St and N. Fisher St. The woman, walking down the road with a stroller (before 5 AM), was arrested with glass meth pipes on her. Lacey Francine Ivy, 35, was booked.

Nathaniel Lee Anderson, 45, was arrested early Saturday after he was suspected of hitting a female victim and locking her in her residence. Alcohol was listed as a factor. The victim had scratches on her arms, torso, and neck.

Anfernee Rashawn Person, 23, was stopped at 2:40 AM at Grant and S. Caraway in Jonesboro driving without headlights. He also had no driver’s license. He appears to have got off with a citation.

Alex Jerome Walker, 48, was cited and released for driving on a suspended license and fictitious tags after traffic stop at about 2:17 AM near Highland and Harrisburg.

K9 Cash and his handler, Heath Loggains, helped bust a 21-year-old Harrisburg woman for meth during a traffic stop early Saturday. At about 2 AM, the stop took place at the 5900-block of Southwest Drive. The stop began because the driver, male, was 200 feet behind another car with his bright lights on. Hannah Grace Caplinger, 21, was found to have a bag of crystal meth hidden in her bra.

After officers tried to initiate a traffic stop on a 1997 Ford F-150 going the wrong way down Union Street in downtown Jonesboro, the vehicle fled. When they ended up stopping it, they found out why. The driver, Jacob Tucker, 24, of Pocahontas, even drove through the Forum’s outdoor theater area before ending up stopped at the parking area of the Brickhouse. He reportedly had ground up marijuana, Tramadol pills, and other suspected drug paraphernalia in the vehicle. He faces misdemeanor charges including fleeing, reckless driving, possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, possession of the pills, improper headlights, and tampering with physical evidence.

A 1 AM traffic stop near Harrisburg and Parker road Saturday resulted in a drug arrest for Talisa Grimes, 32, of Jonesboro. She’s facing a felony possession charge for suspected ecstasy, in addition to a misdemeanor possession, failure to appear, contempt of court, driving with a suspended license, and failure to display tags charge.

Friday night, a shoplifting arrest at Kohl’s was made on Quomika Steward, 23, who is accused of concealing clothing inside of a mattress comforter bag.

A church window was broken sometime between August 9 and August 16 at 214 N Bridge Street.

A juvenile filed a report Friday evening indicating an adult suspect slapped and touched the victim inappropriately. Detectives are investigating.

A man reported a suspect had followed he and his girlfriend from Texas with threats to kill both of them.

Quendarious Demetricdaquan Smith, 20, of Jonesboro, was arrested Friday afternoon on allegations he punched and choked a female victim at the 3300-block of Race Street. The female victim was lacerated and had swelling to the face.

Several lawn mowers were stolen, reports indicated Friday afternoon.

A search warrant was executed by Street Crimes Unit at an apartment at 1500-Kathleen Street. Donald M Perry and William Lee Douglas were arrested with a number of items including marijuana, wax, and other THC items. A medical marijuana card along with $4,068 in US currency were also recovered.

A child’s mother was reported as acting intoxicated at a pediatrics clinic, resulting in police being called Friday. At 1:14 PM on Friday, police arrived to find Sara Stark McDaniel, 38, appearing to be under the influence of something. She told police she took her prescription hydrocodones that morning. She was having trouble staying balanced, stumbling and holding onto items to keep from falling. She was arrested for third degree endangering the welfare of a minor and public intoxication. A family friend picked up the child. She was taken to CCDC.

A suspect fled a traffic stop Friday morning resulting in a number of charges. Raheem Garry, 21, of Jonesboro, was arrested and faces charges including a felony bench warrant, other out of town warrants, fleeing, failure to register, no proof of insurance, reckless driving and no license. The stop began due to expired tags (from March) northbound on Stadium just south of Race Street.


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  1. Look at all these crimes reported here and multiply that by at least 10 and you’ll have an idea of just how bad the crime is out of control in Jonesboro. All the mayor wants is more taxes for himself and his pet projects, it never goes to the police or fire or anything that actually matters to all us working guys with families.

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