Cherokee Village officer charged with severe felony in brutality case

CHEROKEE VILLAGE, Ark. – Even though there is video evidence of Joshua Trivitt bragging about slamming a suspect, he is still a Cherokee Village Police Officer.

He is currently on unpaid administrative leave from CVPD but the department has not made a decision despite what happened, according to accounts from those present and evidence: in a fit of rage, on November 12, 2016, Trivitt ruthlessly injured Randell Lee Veazie while abusing his authority as a police officer.

Other officers were present and did nothing to stop the incident as video shows. Veazie alleged they were involved. All but Trivitt have been released from liability in a civil lawsuit. Trivitt still faces civil penalties from that. However, Trivitt, as of Wednesday morning, learned he is being charged with a Class B felony, rather than a Class D felony in criminal court.

As reported by Areawide Media, Special Prosecutor Jack McQuary announced the state would pursue the more series charges at trial starting July 1 at 8:30 AM.

Veazie was permanently disabled in the arrest incident, which began as a domestic call as Veazie was intoxicated.

An officer involved contacted NEA Report since our last story and anonymously spoke to a reporter. He said officers had the situation under control – until Trivitt showed up. However, he claimed neither he or other officers could react fast enough to stop Trivitt from escalating the incident and becoming increasingly aggressive.

For extensive background on this case, read our story: A Lack of Justice in Sharp County, Arkansas.




  1. Everyone in the area needs to blow up the Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement: quit complaining, griping, bitching and moaning and do something about it!! send CLEST names of all involved, including the “chief”, they don’t play around when it comes to this. Enough people do it and they’ll de-certify the whole lot of them.

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