Source: Video shows O’Donnell buying unusual amount of bleach

Walmart in Pocahontas, Photo taken Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Several pieces of video from Walmart have been turned over to authorities

POCAHONTAS, Ark. – Several pieces of video have been turned over to investigators in the murder of former State Senator Linda Collins related to the suspect, Rebecca Lynn O’Donnell, a source tells NEA Report.

Video evidence showing O’Donnell buying an unusual amount of bleach at a local retailer in Pocahontas has been turned over to authorities in Randolph County.  The video was recorded before June 4, when Collins was found murdered and wrapped in a covering outside of her home. Her remains were badly decomposed. A store source who was aware of the video’s existence confirmed this for release to NEA Report on Tuesday, June 25. We first learned of the last week but were asked to hold the report.

The video was captured by security cameras at Walmart in Pocahontas before Collins was found. The date and time of the video was not known by our Walmart source. According to our source, O’Donnell entered the store and purchased multiple containers of bleach. The amount was considered an unusual quantity. She was apparently alone during this visit.

O’Donnell is facing charges that include tampering with evidence, abuse of a corpse, and capital murder. The last charge carries with it the potential for the death penalty.

In addition, another security video exists from the same Walmart location showing both O’Donnell and her fiance, Tim Loggains, returning to the store to make purchases after the bleach trip. This would have been irrelevant by itself except for one detail:

Collins debit/credit card was used during this trip, NEA Report was told by the Walmart source.

Authorities have not confirmed the existence of this or other video evidence as of yet in this case.

Loggains has not been arrested or charged in the case as of this publication.

A gag order presented by Third Judicial District Prosecutor Henry Boyce and signed by Circuit Judge Harold Erwin has sealed the probable cause affidavit for O’Donnell. This highly unusual move means the press and public do not have access to the document that states why an individual has lost their freedom and in this case, is not even given the choice for bail.

The state has 60 days from her date of arrest on June 14 to charge O’Donnell.

All individuals are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. 


  1. Things are not adding up in this case, why would they charge her and then not indict her, as of yesterday, no paperwork has been submitted to Circuit Clerk for charges to brought against her in Court. I don’t know the lady but my wife does and she says it was not her to do this, I believe from what I have seen she is the scapegoat and they are holding her I Protective Custody to keep her from suddenly coming up dead. There is more to this than we are seeing, and why would the Judge even before a suspect was even found order a Gag order. Something smells in Randolph County as in coverup.

  2. A cover up David Wilson is spot on, the judge that ordered the faux gag order recused…anyone want to speculate as to why, bet the prosecutor is next.

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