Inside job: Cashier helped plan robbery

JONESBORO, Ark. – A robbery of a gas station on May 5 in Jonesboro was an inside job, police believe, planned between the cashier and several of her associates.

Officers responded to Exxon Gas Station, 1325 S. Caraway Road in Jonesboro, on May 5. An aggravated robbery had occurred. The suspect, Andrew Williams, entered the building through the north entrance, walked behind the counter, and held in his hand a silver handgun. He began opening drawers and cabinets as the cashier backed away. He located $10,000 in a cabinet and took the money in a plastic bag. Williams then left the store as other customers entered. Using the same door, he fled westbound through he parking lot.

The security camera footage at the gas station captured everything on film. Williams was identified by ACC Parole Officers in Mississippi County, where he’s currently on parole. Jonesboro detectives cross referenced the most recent photos of Williams with security footage and sure enough, the man was wearing the same jacket in photos taken at the parole office in January as he was at the robbery.

But police weren’t finished uncovering details about this case.

On May 13, Williams was read his Miranda rights and interviewed. During the interview, he spilled the beans. Williams implicated Latoya D. Cannon, a cashier, and Antwane L. Blair. Williams said Cannon and Blair were communicating prior to the robbery. He said the two had moved from Blytheville to Jonesboro together and were in a previous relationship.


On May 28, Detective Brian Arnold intercepted communications between Williams and Blair that revealed much more. The texts, according to the probable cause affidavit, were referencing the planning and execution of the robbery. During the texts, Blair mentions the Exxon station and states that “she just went in at 8.”

Latoya Cannon was the only person working at the time of the robbery.

Detectives say this evidence confirms what they were told by Williams.


Cannon appeared before a judge today for her probable cause hearing. She’s being held on aggravated robbery and non-payment of fines. Williams has been in jail since May 10 on aggravated robbery and a parole violation.

Blair is still wanted for his connection to this alleged plot.


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