JET summer discount programs runs through August

The JET bus system has kicked off its summer discount programs, which run through August and benefit Jonesboro’s young people and all bicyclists.

Jonesboro Transportation Supervisor Michael Black announced the Rack-n-Ride program, which allows bicyclists to load their bikes and ride for 25 cents. The Summer Youth program allows anyone 18 or younger – showing proper ID – to ride the bus for a quarter.

“Transportation is critical around Jonesboro, and not everyone rides a bicycle for exercise,” Mayor Harold Perrin said. “When it’s a primary form of transportation in the summertime heat, sometimes people need to rack and ride the bus. And the Summer Youth discount is something teenagers can use now that school is out.”

A Summer Youth Pass is available for $10, providing a summer of unlimited rides, at the Collections window in the Municipal Center at 300 S. Church St.

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  1. They want to raise taxes again on the working people of Jonesboro but keep pouring money into the Jets Buses that have never made a profit, only like a million dollars in the hole every year, now that’s Gubment for ya!

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