Missouri parolee accused of rape in Jonesboro

A parolee from Missouri faces kidnapping and rape charges after the alleged January rape of a 17-year-old.

The Jonesboro Sun had to submit a FOIA to get the details. See their Saturday paper for more on that on-going battle.

In January, the suspect allegedly locked the bathroom door when the victim was in the shower. Then, he allegedly held her against her will and raped her.

Victron Lantaze Hendrix, 46, appeared before a judge on Friday. Probable cause was found to charge him. A $100,000 bond was set. A no contact order was issued as well.

Hendrix has a prior history of crime that was described as extensive in court. It included robbery and assault.

A more recent incident where Hendrix was at the home of the alleged victim, again, was described. It indicated the girl had become upset and left when the suspect arrived.

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