Jonesboro officer stops burglary in progress, recovers stolen motorcycle

JONESBORO, Ark. – A keen-eyed officer stopped a suspected burglar early Saturday morning while he was on his way to a shift meeting.

It was 5:50 AM the Jonesboro Police Department officer was heading to work Saturday morning, April 27. While it was still dark in Jonesboro, it was a fairly warm morning with temperatures in the mid-60s. That made what Officer Aasin Lester saw next stand out.

In the back yard of a home at the 3300-block of Bonnie, near a closed commercial building, the officer saw a man wearing brown overalls, a black hoodie, and a hood over his head. This seemed strange and rightfully so. As the officer turned around to try to contact the subject, he shined his light on the man but the motorcycle shifted into gear and the man fled. The subject was now a suspect, fleeing at a high rate of speed southbound on Harrisburg – even cutting through yards.

The officer activated his blue lights but as they were continuing the chase, in what was described like a large circle, his car could not keep up with the motorcycle. He deactivated his lights and for safety, did not continue the pursuit. However, he was far from finished from his work on this call.

He went back to where he first saw the subject and saw where a board had been forced open leading under the residence. Bolt cutters were also located near the fence line, where the suspect had been.

With other officers now also in the area, they searched and in the 3400-block of Bonnie, they found the motorcycle which was giving chase. It was abandoned and confirmed stolen out of Osceola.

The best part, though? A black cell phone was left beside the motorcycle. The phone was locked but the officer could see a Gmail account attached to the phone receiving emails. “davgla1981” was the login, with a visible email addressed to “David.” The officer searched in RPS and found David Glass, born 1981.

“The subject on the bike was built similar to Suspect #1 (Glass, David). The bolt cutters and cell phone were both logged in evidence with a hold placed on the phone for processing.”

The bolt cutters and cellphone were placed into evidence while authorities continue this investigation. The owner of the motorcycle was contacted. The suspect, be it Glass or someone else, faces felonies for residential burglary and theft over $1000, as well as a misdemeanor for fleeing.

If you can assist authorities with any details about the suspect or this investigation, contact Crimestoppers at 870-935-7867. Calls are anonymous and you can earn cash.

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