Death threat-money scam shows up in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. – A man was told that he would be assassinated by the end of the month by a supposed hit-man who wanted to “make a deal” to save his life.

It happened in March but the report was made available to the press in April, thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request by The Jonesboro Sun.

On Wednesday, March 13, a text message from an unknown phone number was sent to a 65-year-old man saying that this person had been hired to kill the complainant at the end of the month. The supposed-assassin knew where he lived, sent him his address, and that he was single.

Instead of going through with the hit, the suspect next said he wanted to make a deal to save the man’s life.

Officer Susan Gray, who first took the report, looked into the case and found the number to be a non-fixed VoIP (Skype, Google Voice) out of North Carolina. Detective Shane Fox was assigned the case on March 18, two days later. He searched the identity of the person attached to the phone number but there were no results.

The victim was contacted and given instructions on submitting a report to the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office. The man said the text messages had stopped after he reported the incident to police. He believed it to be a money scam rather than an actual murder plot.

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