Woman severely injured in early morning accident

JONESBORO, Ark. – A vehicle collided with a pedestrian early Thursday morning in Jonesboro.

At about 1:30 AM on April 11, police responded to Kellers Chapel Road and Southwest Drive where a woman had been hit by a black 2017 Ford Focus. Azalia Roebuck, 20, was injured and laying on the ground with blood around her ankle and on her jacket. The injuries were severe based on the Jonesboro Police Department incident report.

The driver of the vehicle involved was Anthony Mcneely, 22, of McCrory. He said he was driving home and traveling at the speed limit when a person appeared in front of him in the road. He said he didn’t see her in his headlights until it was too late.

“(Mcneely, Anthony K) stated that he tried to brake but was unable to stop in time and hit Victim #1 (Roebuck, Azalia S).” – JPD Officer Calvin Newman

Because of the types of injuries sustained, Mcneely was required to give a blood sample. The report said he was cooperative and fully willing to give the blood sample. Once the kit was completed and sealed, it was taken into custody by police and Mcneely was free to leave.

However, his vehicle was so badly damaged by the impact with the young woman that it was towed from the scene.

There was no word in the report on the condition of the victim.

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