Restaurant cook filmed women using bathroom for years

JONESBORO, Ark. – If you’ve used the women’s restroom at Hiro, a concerning new arrest may be of interest to you.

Approximately 5 p.m., on August 22, 2015, a young lady, who was eating at the Hiro Japanese Restaurant in Jonesboro, entered the ladies restroom. While there, she heard an object fall under the sink and hit the floor. She also observed some duct tape under the countertop, on the back wall. She located a cell phone with a cracked screen and black case, she place her personal cell phone in the position of the taped area and took a photo. The phone was aimed directly at the toilet. (see above photo)

The phone was turned over to the manager, who recognized it belonging to the cook, Jose Jaramillio. Detectives contacted the manager, who turned the phone over to the police as investigative evidence.

Detectives with the Jonesboro Police Department have been trying to locate Jaramillio since the 2015 reported incident. The phone, an iPhone 4S, had security measures in place to prevent tampering and retrieval of data.

Jose Jaramillio was arrested March 20, 2019 for 3rd Degree Domestic Battering by the Jonesboro Police. At the time of his arrest, he was employed again by Hiro Japanese Restaurant. Once in custody, Detective Branscum interviewed Jaramillio regarding the 2015 Voyeurism case. After initially denying that he was responsible and saying he had loaned the phone to a friend, he later confessed that he was the person who placed the phone in the woman’s restroom at Hiro to record female customers that entered that area. When asked how many times he recorded women, he said it was too many times to remember.

He also stated that he would “sell” views of the video to another employee of Hiro. The employee would pay him $10 to look at the recorded videos. JPD Detectives are currently in the process to unlock the phone in order to retrieve any evidence connected to the Voyeurism case.

During the ongoing investigation, it was discovered that Jaramillio had been deported to Mexico, twice during May of 2012. He currently has a “HOLD” order on him through the local I.C.E. agency in Jonesboro.

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