Ritter Statement, 3/18/19

Response to NEA Report 3.18.19
From Alan Morse, President
Ritter Communications

Ritter Communications is focused on helping communities grow and prosper by providing state-of-the-art communications services.

Ritter Communications employees pride themselves on our customer-focused culture. Providing superior customer service is at the heart of how we work every day. We want to hear from our customers and consider every problem an opportunity to listen to our customers and help solve customer issues.

Our pledge to our customers is to respond to service complaints quickly and efficiently. We take every service and billing complaint seriously and work with our customer care representatives and field technicians to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer experience. During the last three years, our focus has been on improving response time and overall customer satisfaction. Our average speed of answer is under two minutes and nine out of 10 issues reported are resolved on the first phone call. We have also initiated a follow-up email survey for customers who call or have a technician visit his or her home for service. As a result, our customers have consistently scored us 8.7 out of 10 on those surveys during the last 12 months.

The only way we can correct an issue is to know about it. We always encourage our customers to reach out to us directly via one of the methods listed below:

Call toll-free 888-336-4466 during business hours
Technical support – call 888-659-6009
Email Technical Support using our online form – a representative contacts the customer within the next business day
In person at any Ritter Communications office

Occasionally we become aware of customer problems by reading about them on our social media platforms. Service issues reported on our social media channels can be challenging because often the individual posting the concern is not the account holder. When that happens, the social media user ID and the customer account information cannot be matched and we are unable to proactively reach out to the customer.

We take every customer concern seriously. Regardless of the customer’s issue, we want to hear from them through one of the customer care channels above so we can provide the best experience and service resolution possible.


  1. They changed internet service data and whether my internet is used or not they are telling me I’m out of data and end $20 every 50 gigabytes

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