The same guy keeps stealing from Abilities Unlimited.

Store management indicates police don’t care

JONESBORO, Ark. – A man is accused of making regular trips to Abilities Unlimited with illegal intentions and the evidence against him seems solid.

Nicholas L. Hatton, 37, of Jonesboro, was reported Monday to have stolen a lawnmower from Abilities Unlimited, a thrift store on Huntington Avenue near downtown Jonesboro. At 3 AM Monday, cameras captured Hatton coming onto the property and allegedly stealing the mower. The store manager told police he does this “about every night.”

Authorities went to Hatton’s address at 502 Krewson. Sure enough, they found the lawnmower. It was returned to the store. However, Hatton wasn’t there.

Management plans to use the video and report to file a criminal complaint with the city attorney and hopefully obtain a warrant. However, management also posted on Facebook that police seemed less than interested in helping them out.

“But that is a misdemeanor so says the police officer, who did not even want to get out in the cold to go retrieve the lawn mower he stole last night. [The officer] knocked on his door one time and called it quits! Unreal! I have reported this same guy multiple times with no results.”

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