Operation “Press Your Luck” rounds up dozens in the Delta

HELENA-WEST HELENA—The United States Marshals Service announced today an arrest operation targeting violence in the Delta. Operation “Press Your Luck” began this morning in Helena-West Helena, resulting in multiple cooperating law enforcement agencies arresting 44 suspects thus far in an ongoing investigation.

Operation “Press Your Luck, led by the United States Marshals Service (USMS), is designed to target fugitive gang members and other violent criminals wanted on arrest warrants for egregious violent criminal offenses. The goal of the operation is to provide communities in the Delta region with immediate relief from violent gang-related crime.

Fugitive task forces began Operation “Press Your Luck” early this morning by searching for more than 60 suspects, all of whom had outstanding arrest warrants for crimes including rape, murder, aggravated assault, kidnapping, sex offenses, and other crimes. Authorities began a sweep of the area, concentrating their efforts in Phillips County and nearby locations including several targets in Arkansas County and Saint Francis County, as well as neighboring communities in Mississippi. The operation is ongoing and law enforcement will continue to seek additional wanted suspects, beyond those arrested today.

“Today’s arrests signify the presence of federal law enforcement in Helena-West Helena and the surrounding communities,” said Cody Hiland, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas. “When local communities in our district reach out for help from federal authorities to stem the tide of violence, we will swiftly and forcefully respond. Criminals in the Delta now know that we will not tolerate their violence and disregard of the law.”

“We are committed to working with our federal, state, and local partners to address those wanted for crimes of violence and fleeing justice,” said Jay L. Tuck, Chief Deputy United States Marshal for the Eastern District of Arkansas. “The Marshals’

collaborative efforts, through our fugitive task forces, place us in a unique position to arrest violent offenders and help make cities like Helena-West Helena safer.

“The citizens of this community and the entire Delta region should not be worried to sit on their porch, allow children to play in a park, or take a family walk. We will continue to assist these communities and take back the streets from gang members and violent offenders, paving a successful path for future generations.”

The USMS was assisted by several participating agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Agency; Federal Bureau of Investigation; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; Arkansas Department of Community Correction; Arkansas State Police; National Guard Counterdrug Aviation; and MEMS STAR Team.

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