New video shows deputy taking Lake City man into custody

LAKE CITY, Ark. – A suspect didn’t want to go easily but a Craighead County Sheriff’s Office deputy didn’t take no for an answer last Saturday.

To read the initial coverage of the incident report, click here.

NEA Report just obtained the video of the incident. The video begins with the officer holding onto the suspect as they are in the house.

The video picks up after Deputy Iglehart pursued the suspect, Nathan Adams, 34, into the home of Adams’ grandmother. The incident report said Adams almost injured the elderly woman, who is seen and heard pleading with Adams to cooperate with the officer.

Adams instead decides his arrest is the appropriate time to make the legal case that he was unlawfully pursued into his home. It is not. The setting one makes the case that the officer acted unlawfully in is called the “courtroom.” The basis for this is explained by a man in the background as Adams is also seen physically resisting arrest in the video for several minutes.

He was charged with resisting arrest and obstructing governmental operations. That’s in addition to the charge of second degree assault on a family or household member, the charge for which he was wanted for out of Jonesboro.

As Adams is seen being loaded into the deputy’s vehicle, he seems surprised he is being searched.

“Can you just go through my pockets like that?” Adams asked.

Officers of the law are allowed to search suspects once they take them into custody and sometimes, even if they don’t, for officer safety. The deputy confirms some of this to Adams as he explains how Adams also netted himself additional charges for allegedly resisting. Adams shouts back at the deputy that Iglehart illegally broke into Adams’ home and will be charged for that, too. He has not been.

Adams was booked into Craighead County Jail at 7:57 PM Saturday night, Feb. 16. He was released Wednesday, Feb. 20 at 2:56 PM.

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