A woman attacked a missing man’s mother on Facebook. The internet fought back.

SEARCY, Ark. – After a lady made several callous remarks on a police agency’s Facebook page, the department shut her down for being insensitive.

It hasn’t stopped her from melting down on her personal profile, though.

It began on the White County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook Page. Michael Morris has been missing since January, as NEA Report reported. Authorities have sought clues but haven’t found answers yet while the family, especially the mother, Cynthia Medlock, grieves their hearts out.

Unfortunately, the family would face a different type of grief in the form of social media’s worst on Wednesday.

After Alicia Dillion’s first post accused the family of lying, she continued to reply to the shock and dismay of all those commenting.

She commented again, however, and doubled down on her bad attitude. Dillon accused multiple departments of not caring where the “boy” is. Then, her most shocking comment which we’ve highlighted:

“…I’m just a girl who seen a boy go to a hotel, heard a gun shot a little later, and then seen that same boy’s face on a missing person poster!”

This led to WCSO replying.

Dillon stopped responding to this comment, fortunately. Medlock told her she was in no way confused about her missing son. She also appeared to disprove Dillon’s theory, saying that her son was seen after the date Dillon claimed the motel incident happened at.

Unfortunately, even though everyone appeared to make all efforts to explain to Dillon she was wrong, she took it to extremes by arguing with dozens commenting on her profile.

Dillon even attacked the mother.

Previous posts by Dillon include her asking for rides to court and posting child custody documents as her featured image on Facebook. Police have found her to be an unreliable witness, based on department comments.

Several took her up on the challenge and over the next 18 hours, Dillon went from making harsh comments on a department’s page to defending herself on her own profile. A number of people showed up and voiced their displeasure (and were subsequently blocked, it would seem). 

Fortunately, this seemed to occupy the strange woman’s time enough to give the family a reprieve from social media griefing. Daily updates from the mother indicate an already insurmountable level of pain.

Michael Morris is still missing. Visit this story for more about him and please share information you may have with authorities or his family.


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