Hunter Nelson now claims Ollie is NOT dead; second dead dog found

Ollie is still missing but his owner hopes he is still alive

Disgraced dog trainer has now left town

JONESBORO, Ark. – Hunter Nelson now claims Rachel Tyrer’s dog went missing, rather than died.

Nelson’s latest claim is that a storm caused Ollie and another brown dog to run off. His claim is that this happened several weeks after August 13, when Tyrer dropped Ollie off for training. Nelson previously claimed the dog was snake bit and died – a story he had told several others, before.

The disgraced dog trainer has moved out of Greene County, Tyrer said in a Facebook post. She said he has now indicated he lives in Marion, Arkansas – but she clearly doesn’t trust him.

A second dead dog was found on Nelson’s property, Tyrer said. This is in addition to the one we already reported. The body was dug up and sent to the State Crime Lab. Tyrer does not believe this dog was Ollie. Nelson claimed three dogs were buried on the property but, with the help of a private investigator, they’ve only located two bodies so far.

Despite stolen dogs, dead bodies, and suspicious behavior, no law enforcement agency appears to be investigating the case. Tyrer has hired attorney Jared Woodard with Stanley|Woodard Law Firm and has also employed a PI, as mentioned. She’s asking for anyone with means to help by donating to a GoFundMe account, located here.

The Storm Story

Nelson’s newest story came after Tyrer said she told him they had only found two buried dogs on his property.

“There supposedly was a storm that came through a few weeks after I dropped Ollie off (he was sent to training August 13th),” Tyrer wrote. “Hunter wanted to bring all of the training dogs indoors, as it was very nasty outside. “Evidently”, Ollie and another brown dog ran off when he was moving them inside. He looked for them and couldn’t find them. He decided to continue to tell me that Ollie was doing great and still being trained. He even planned a meeting with me for a mid-day training on October 3rd at 9am, but did not show up. Surprise.”

Tyrer doesn’t believe Nelson’s latest story, which isn’t surprising since Nelson has now admitted himself to lying.

“We don’t believe that Hunter is telling us the truth,” Tyrer said in a post. “We think he knows where Ollie is located and he will not disclose this information.”

The young woman and fiance to Barrett Black still has hope the dog is alive. She hopes legal and investigative efforts, which are currently unassisted by government agencies, will lead her to find the dog.

However, Nelson apparently admitted to Tyrer and company there are multiple dead dogs on his property. At least two have already been recovered. So, if Nelson believes his only choice is to continue misleading people, how bad must the truth really be?


  1. Someone explain to me why there is no action being taken by the law enforcement. Animal abuse is a felony & there are several stories of people’s dogs being abused while in his care. There are dead dogs on his property & he has stolen a dog from a guy and sold to someone else. He has taken money for training that never happened & he’s done it to several people. How are those things not crimes. Does he know people in the law enforcement there that’s keeping him from being arrested or what? He’s a terrible person. Justice should be served on him & his wife.

    • Have they filed a formal police report? Unfortunately, not much can be done until this is completed. Also if they have but it did not mention dog abuse then they may need to admend their original report. If all else fails has the DA been contacted?

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