Reznicek to become City Chief of Staff

JONESBORO, Ark. – Bill Reznicek, who has served as the City of Jonesboro’s Chief Financial Officer the past year, will also take on the title of Chief Operations Officer for the remainder of 2018, Mayor Harold Perrin announced today.

Perrin said his plan is to create a position of Chief of Staff, which Reznicek will become in the 2019 budget cycle beginning Jan. 1. Perrin cited Reznicek’s impact as CFO and said he is perfectly suited to be Chief of Staff.

“Bill has been a tremendous asset for Jonesboro over the past year, and he has the leadership ability, the operations experience, and of course the financial acumen that make him perfect for this position,” Perrin said.

Reznicek’ resume includes CFO in the private sector, in manufacturing operations, and work in private practice as a Certified Public Accountant. His background includes experience in financial and operational management, and automotive and medical manufacturing and distribution.

Originally from St. Joseph, Michigan, Reznicek is a graduate of Valparaiso University of Indiana received a Master’s degree in accounting from the University of Memphis. He has held a CPA license since 1989.

“My management style is collaboration,” Reznicek said. “I like to let people use their talents to further themselves and achieve the organization’s goals. We have an excellent team of individuals and tremendous opportunity for the future of Jonesboro.”

As COO, Reznicek replaces Ed Tanner, who resigned for a job in the public sector earlier this year. Roy Ockert has been interim COO the past six months, and Perrin thanked him for his service.

“Roy came out of retirement to help me, and he’s done it before,” Perrin said. “I appreciate his hard work and thoughtful insight, and I will always appreciate his service to the City of Jonesboro.”

Press release – City of Jonesboro

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  1. So Harold Perrin is going to make up another department head and give it to one of his friends “Bill Reznicek”? I wonder if this one will turn out like the one he made up for his own son.

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